Last big share for a while? Birthday party, CC please
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Thread: Last big share for a while? Birthday party, CC please

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    Default Last big share for a while? Birthday party, CC please

    Hopefully this is the last time I'll post a huge thread for a while, but I wanted to share these photos and get a bit of CC. I've never shot a kid's birthday party before and would like some feedback on things. This was, of course, totally free... just a friend from church and we were going to the party, so she asked me to take photos.

    I had a lot of fun using my friend's Nikon D50 with 50mm prime lens - the lens was not ideal for the small space, but I couldn't use my Canon speedlite on their camera, and our Canon P&S would've taken awful pictures, so I figured the 50mm would at least help with the light situation. It was pretty low light, so I tried to keep the aperture as open as possible, but even then, there are some shots where the SS was too low. But anyway, here's a few shots.

    Oh, before I forget, I had a TERRIBLE time with WB in their light. None of the presets seemed to be quite right. Please comment on colour, as I suck at colour and would like to know what should be tweaked more. I tried adjusting them all, but just am not sure.

    All shot in Aperture Priority.

    #1 - f3.5, SS 1/80

    #2 - f2.2, SS 1/200, EV +1

    #3 - f2.2, SS 1/160, EV +1/3

    #4 - One of our other friends at the party: I tried to get good shots of all of the guests, but this one was my favourite. f2.2, SS 1/100, EV +1/3

    #5 - Just a place setting because I loved the "princess" place cards! f2.2, SS 1/400


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    Adorable! I think they look great.

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