Last maternity and a puppy :-)

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Last maternity and a puppy :-)

I just recalibrated so CC on colour would appreciated along with anything else. Felt a bit defeated after the maternity session. She didn't want to show any belly, and she couldn't do any lying shots which was fine with me so I choked posing wise but when I opened them i didn't think they were too bad and think she may be pleased. ISO was pretty high. Here are a few, plus a puppy from session i had yesturday with a family. He was so cute...hope i did him justice Smile

ETA: I see that icky cloning on #1. will goback and fix.

1. 1/160 , 3.2, ISO1250

2. same

3. 1/100, 5.6, ISO same

and here's Rupert Smile

1/160, 5.6, ISO 800

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These are nice, I like them a lot! #1 looks a bit warmer than #3, but not too bad; I think the color looks great overall.

Cute puppy shot! The bedspread reminds me a bit of a mattress pad,

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These are really nice! I really like the look of your b&w.

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These look great to me. I think they will be very happy with them!

The puppy is super adorable Smile

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Very nice.

Puppy is way too cute!!! Love the ears!

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Great shots! I agree about #1 looking a bit warmer. LOVE #2!! CUTE puppy!

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Those are very nice, you did well within the constraints that the client wanted.

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What an adorable mom-to-be! She's going to be so glad as the years go by that she had these done. I think we all know how self-conscious we can feel when so close to your due date, but I personally wish I had allowed more pictures. She's going to truly cherish these.

And, as always, I truly love your b&w conversion! What a beautiful, timeless shot!

Adorable pup as well!


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thanks ladies Smile

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I'm really loving your conversion, and that doggy looks so cute! I'm noticing a few bumps on her cheek in #2. Maybe a couple clicks of the healing brush could smooth them out a bit? Sorry, I'm probably being really nit-picky.

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very nice! what was your light? I really need to try to do more pullback shots of my indoor stuff, cause when I see shots like this, I'm wishing I could see a pullback too. Wink

the b&w is very nice, I like the vignette.

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Nothing to add to the actual shots, but I can see the cloning or smoothing in the back ground on #1 on the bottom left and bottom right corners. Otherwise, I think the lighting is very nice.