Last-minute tips?

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Last-minute tips?

I agreed to do a shoot this afternoon for a friend's son, who's graduating from high school. He and his girlfriend are going to some banquet or something tonight, all dressed up, so I'll be doing some shots of him alone, and him with his GF. Then somehow it morphed into his three best buddies coming along, and I'll be doing shots with the four best friends too. Possibly a few pics with his parents as well. There may or may not be a classic Corvette there, to use in some pics, weather-depending.

I'm even more nervous about shooting teenage boys than any of my other very, very limited shoots in the past. Any tips for me?

Just hoping I can get some good shots for them today -- and survive it all, because yesterday my inflammatory arthritis was so bad I wasn't sure how I'd manage today. Fortunately it's better this morning. So far!

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I think you'll LOVE THIS. I know I do anyway. Besides sports photography, working w/ seniors is probably my favorite. They generally WANT their picture taken since this is such a milestone in their lives. And your guy is likely to loosen up quite a bit with his friends/gf around.

I usually go to when I need posing inspiration. There are SO MANY great images out there from which to be inspired!

Most of all ... have FUN! this age group is generally willing to try just about anything. and then you throw in a classic car to the mix and things just start taking off.

OH ... and before I forget ... I did a shoot w/ a high school couple a year and a half ago. I looked at engagement photos for inspiration and then toned them down for such a young couple. Keep it playful with them. Focus on elements that are particular to their personalities.

I hope you get to share pics b/c this sounds to me like it could be a lot of fun. Biggrin


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I agree about searching for inspiration. I use Pinterest typically, but I would imagine searching Flickr would be great, too. What I would search for with the guys are those wedding groomsmen pictures. I'm sure there are some really fun poses that you can find. One in particular that I'm thinking of would be with all of them in sunglasses doing the cross-armed "bodyguard" pose. Maybe a jumping shot? For the couple, I agree with looking at engagement photos for inspiration. Or maybe just "couples" in general? With my family shoots, I always try to get at least one with just mom and dad and look at engagement for inspiration.

I think you're going to rock it!

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I'm way too late on this, but hope it went well!! Share if you can later Smile