Latest Nature Share - Feedback Please :)

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Latest Nature Share - Feedback Please :)

Some of these shots I like okay, but I wasn't ecstatic when I downloaded and started editing them. I need to learn some more advanced editing techniques. For instance, I can't figure out how to skew an image while keeping the same background (using Gimp).

Your feedback is welcome and encouraged! Thanks!

1. Monarch catepillar (60mm macro, f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 400 Note: It was in a shady area, and I had to balance myself on an uneven surface--would have liked to use a tripod)

2. Dragonfly (species?) (55-200mm zoom, f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 400, matrix mode)

3. Dragonfly. Another crop; I wanted more details on the bug but am not sure about the crop. The rule of thirds is hard with bugs--too many wings and legs you have to avoid chopping (same settings as above)

4. Butterfly drinking nectar. A little oversharpened. I was also playing with contrast and color saturation. (55-200 mm, f/5.6, 1/250, ISO 400, matrix mode)

5. Flower from Dominican Republic. Probably my favorite of the bunch (60mm macro, sorry accidentally deleted setting info)

6. Statuary and bell in garden. (55-200 mm, sorry, deleted settings :()

7. Wild berries. I liked the striated bokeh. I saved a copy with berry edges uncropped but like this one better. Opinions?

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Great mix of subjects! You got a great closeup of the Monarch caterpillar (which I'm currently very involved in, having 6 in my garden and rearing them in an enclosure ever since 1 was lost to predation outside), the photo is just a bit dark (as are most of these).

I'm amazed you got the dragonfly perched because I almost NEVER have luck photographing dragonflies. They don't like me I guess haha. But again the photo seems dark. The focus is almost there, but not quite. But I know that's SO hard with insects, let alone super-fast dragonflies.

The little skipper---my favorites for sure!!!---great detail!!!! just have some noise issues and a bit on the dark side. I LOVE that flower it's on, and your comp is good! what is matrix mode?

That's a very pretty red flower-I love it. Just seems a bit dark and has maybe a yellow tinge?

#7, the pokeberries....I'm not really digging the comp but that's just me....but I LOVE LOVE the background bokeh pattern!!! this photo too could be brightened.

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Thanks, Amy! I think matrix mode is my software's name for when the focus priority isn't on a central subject.

I did curves on all the images, and the histograms appeared to have a good balance afterward. I might need to go toward the lighter side in the future. I'm using my work monitor, which shows light and dark balance more accurately than my laptop. It could also be me being afriad to blow my images.

BTW, do you know what species of dragonfly this is?

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These are nice. I hear you on the ROT for bugs. LOL....very tough. I really like the dragon fly and the statuary.

I like #5, but wish you had used a higher f stop so more of the flower were in focus.

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great shots! i like the dragonfly one! i wish i had a macro! Smile

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Neat! I'm totally digging the dragonfly! the wild berries are cool too. the nectar shot is awesome, I mean, that's so cool that you captured that!

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Wow, these are great. Made my skin crawl on the first one though! LOVE 5 & 7! Great shots!

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"coolmama72" wrote:

Neat! I'm totally digging the dragonfly! the wild berries are cool too. the nectar shot is awesome, I mean, that's so cool that you captured that!

It's amazing sometimes when working with small subjects. When I open my photo files, I'll sometimes find details I didn't see when taking the shot. The tongue and nectar shot was pure luck!

Thanks to everybody for your feedback!

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Arachnophilia? Wednesday Morning Nature Share

Sorry, I meant to make this a separate thread.

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Oh I forgot to answer you about the's a Darner, but I'll try to find out which species of there are many.

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Great job. Since, I really don't know anything about nature photography - it's hard to CC. But the bokeh on these are awesome!