Latest pics of my boys

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Latest pics of my boys

Of course CCs are always appreciated. These were indoors and although I tried as much as I can just use natural light, there wasn't enough, so I compensate with my speedlight. My oldest one really showed his personality in these shots, can you tell?

Not sure if the 3rd one looks soft - I don't usually sharpen for web just for print.

ISO 200, f3.2, SS1/80
1 -

Setting Same as above

Setting same as above

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El- your boys are always adorable! It seems to me that the last one is brighter than the other two. I don't think the 3rd one looks soft at all. In fact, it's my fav.

Your older boy does show his personality and those are always my fav shots of my kids. I love when their personality shines through.

I feel like on #2 there is a bit of a halo around his head and something going on, on the left side of the photo. This might just be me though.

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I agree the last is brighter, which I prefer (but I don't know what is "correct" yet, so I go with what looks good to me at this point!)

I LOVE your son's expression in the 2nd one!

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I love the last one! It looks perfect to me! I like #2 as well, it's just a tad underexposed maybe?

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Totally love #3!!