Learning video plus mothers day present from my son
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Thread: Learning video plus mothers day present from my son

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    Default Learning video plus mothers day present from my son

    My son is at the skatepark all the time filming as he calls it. He is always telling me how many things I could do with my camera since it takes video. This week was the first time I even put my camera in video mode but he is teaching me lol.
    On mothers day he asked me too sit down and watch one of his edits. Well, he asks me this all the time and with 5 kids sometimes I have to tell him to wait but this time I am SO glad I said okay right away. Watch this video and listen to the words. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SphHzYukesA I really want to try to make some. Does anyone do this yet. I mean I video tape them but does anyone put clips together? There is a good tutorial on a blog I go on daily. I will try to find it. Oh and by the way I was crying the whole time! This was right at the time everything was going on with our friend.

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    Aww, that's really nice of him to make that for you.. love it!!

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