Lens ? and editing ?

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Lens ? and editing ?

I am just not getting into trying to get better photos. I am looking at all the amazing shots and I am wondering what kind of len does the background blurring and just gets the subject of the photo clear? TIA!

Ok I just thought of another. What programs do you use for editing?

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I just bought the Nikkor 85mm f1.8 lens and it's got great background blur. The lower f-stop number typically means it'll produce great bokeh.

Awide open ap causes more bokeh so even at f/5.6 I can get some pretty decent blur but obviously the lower the number the better

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Kandice said it right. The lower the f/stop, the more bokeh.

As for editing, I think most of them use Photoshop. I don't have it, but one day I will! Wink

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the lower the number the better but at 1.8 I have a really hard time getting my subject in focus...usually my pictures are out of focus when at 1.8 but everyone is different and some rock at taking pictures at 1.8 Biggrin so you never know!

also I use Photoshop CS4 for all my editing but i think there are a few people who use PS elements or Gimp Smile

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I use elements right now, I used to use a really old version of Photoshop..I'm just waiting for my birthday and getting Lightroom! Smile

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My best bokeh is made with my Canon 70-200 2.8 USM L. The bokeh is amazing when shot around 150-200 mm and 2.8...truly incredible. You can see an example of that bokeh in my siggy pic.

I use Photoshop CS4 for post processing photos.