lens finally here :D

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lens finally here :D

After 2mth wait my tamron 70-200 2.8 is finally here. Haven't had time to play with it much, I'm so worried I won't get used to it, it's hard to keep still. I've gotta get out a lot this weekend and practice (and test it out just incase i need to return it for whatever reason).

I haven't taken many pics lately. I did a newborn session for a friend the other week. I'll share them when I'm on my other comp.

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oh cool! Smile congrats on the new lens! I bet its heavy and bulky huh? It's a lens that's on my list of things to buy for my camera Blum 3 can't wait to see pics!

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I only have one lens right now (my nifty fifty) but that one is next on my list! Can't wait to her hw you like it!

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sweet on the new lens!

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I can't wait to see what you do w/ this lens. I've been wanting something long and fast. I have an 18 - 200mm, but it's not fast.

Post some pics from it when you can.


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Nice, congrats on the new toy!! I hope you can find some time to test it out Smile