Lens for Hockey

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Lens for Hockey

Dana (my older daughter) is in hockey, I know the season is a ways off (Sept) but I would love to pick up a lens for taking shots of her playing before then, I have a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Shots will be taken indoors with florescent lighting, and I will need good zoom and fast speeds.

Any suggestions on what I should be saving up for?

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70-200 2.8L IS would probably be the best choice for this....if you can find the funds.

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I have no idea, but wow what a tough chick to play hockey!
I don't know if you have Craigslist where you live, but I think there are lots of good deals to be had on used lenses, just in case you don't want to save and just get something now!

I sold my kit lens on craigslist for $65 and I had probably 20 emails within one week from people who wanted to buy it, so I guess lots of people use it to buy/sell! Of course you have to be careful, I had my husband take the lens and meet the person to sell it, as that seems much safer than inviting a stranger into your home.

Just a thought!