Less than "Super" for CC

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Less than "Super" for CC

I had elements of this shoot in my head for a while, but will have to go for a do-over due to MANY unfavorable factors. FIRST (and prob most important) the eye holes are to small and too far apart for little 2 year old Kade. ALSO, my backdrop stand (PVC pipe contraption) is old and worn out and kept knocking down, it was HOT in my garage and I hadn't adequately prepared before he came out to join in the "fun". I was frustrated and grumpy so I shot literally 6 shots and said "forget it!" THEN DD1 came out begging for me to take a few of her being "super." How could I refuse?
ETA: oops, forgot to sharpen for web and WM...

#1 ISO 100, SS 1/250 and f/2.8

#2 ISO 100, SS 1/250 and f/2.8

#3 ISO 125, SS 1/160 and f/2.8

#4 ISO 125, SS 1/160 and f/2.8

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I love #3 - your DD is beautiful!

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What a cute idea! Great shots! I love #3 as well. Great comp and lighting.

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cute! yeah, the mask fits your older daughter better. Wink I think the focus is best on #3.

what a fun idea!

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What an incredibly fun idea!!!! I miss the super hero days. We went almost a year where my boy wore a mask everywhere he went. For a while he told everyone he was "Dash" from the Incredibles. He even signed all of his school papers with 'Dash' rather than his real name. *shakes head* We were so lucky to have such a supportive teacher at the time. Biggrin

DESPITE the mask not being a perfect fit, you got some really great shots!!!

Here's my $0.02 worth ...

1. Looks to me like focus may have fallen on his hands. With such an open aperture, it's going to be hard to get him all in focus. I would try to get the focus points on the mask next time around. MAN! I really dig the rain boots!!! They really complete the outfit here! Exposure looks spot on.

2. I really love this one! REALLY! He looks so sweet! I'm at work, so I can't say for sure (bad monitor), but there might be a slight blue cast on his shirt. Probably going to be a problem with the cape so close to a white shirt. If you reshoot, maybe another shade of blue would work better. Or even green to go w/ the colors in the mask. this is a sweet catch though and were he my boy, I'd have quite a few copies of this for the brag book and grandmas, etc. Focus fell perfectly on his eyes this time.

3. Gosh, your DD is so beautiful!!! I love how the red in the mask makes her eyes seem to stand out even more. Looks like you got great light in her eyes too. You might close the aperture just a bit so that both eyes are equally in focus. With her turned on an angle like that (which is a very pleasing composition imho), it's hard to get both eyes in focus with an aperture that wide.

4. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! Another one for the brag book. Again, the only thing I would change would be to close the aperture just a bit so that the back eye is also in focus.

TFS!!!!! Reminds me that Halloween is around the corner and I just LOVE all of the costume play! Smile


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omg this is an adorable idea!!! #3 is my favorite, awesome focus and composition

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Great shots!! How awesome you've got a willing (and beautiful) daughter to practice on. Despite your DS's mask being a bad fit, he's a cutie and makes a great super hero Smile