Let me see if I understand this correctly...

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Let me see if I understand this correctly...

I am sorry I ask so many questions. I am sitting here at work today with nothing to do, and I am getting curious about some things. Biggrin

When I bought my camera, it came with a lens hood. I have never used it, b/c I didn't really understand why I need it.

Is it used to help keep glare and other light coming in? I have a glare on a few of my pics, (flickr is not working at the moment) and I am wondering it the lens hood would have helped.

Also, do you keep a lens filter on your lens to protect it? I have been lately, and I am wondering if it's okay. I got it from Best Buy. It's a UV filter, and I haven't seen a difference in the pics, which I guess is okay b/c I have been using it all the time.

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UV filter really does nothing but protect the lens..and you should absolutely use one!

Lens hood helps prevent glare....take it off if you want glare and haze when shooting outdoors. I use one sometimes and take it off if I want haze or a sunflare in my photo.

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Ok, good. I am glad I was doing the right thing with the UV filter. Biggrin

See, with some of my sunflares, I get a flare at the top of the lens. I think it was a bit dirty, so that may have been the reason.

So, are you saying that you always use your lens hood outdoors, unless you want a flare?

Also, how do you clean the lens? I am scared to touch it. :confused:

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good question! I was wondering about the UV filter. The camera I'm borrowing now does not have one...or a lens cap to protect when stored! So good to know once I eventually get a camera! Smile

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My old film SLR I lost the lense cap too, so I used the UV filter as my lens cap! I should probably get it out and put it on my new camera. Thanks for making me think of it!

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if you go to wal-mart or some photo store you should be able to find lens cleaning kits. Ever since buying my lenses I have put on the filters first thing so I only get to clean the filters. I bought some lens wipes (from the area where glasses are sold) and that worked. I also bought a cleaning kit with some spray stuff and a cloth. Smile

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I use my hood when I'm out shooting in direct sun. I never use it inside or on overcast days. I just got my filter for my Tamron, and haven't taken it off since it arrived in the mail 2 weeks ago. Wink