lets talk post processing....

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lets talk post processing....

sorry to be a board hog but after doing some editing tonight I got to thinking....

I want to start looking at some other options for PP. Amber's edits are always so clean, Katie's seem to have a vintage feel to them, Sabby shows a strong color in hers, etc.

So, tell me how you process! What's your style? How did you come to develop it? Is there some style in particular that you are hoping to learn?

Since I am in the studio so much I think that I tend to lean towards clean, sharp, and strong colors. I want to learn to do some more things like lily blue wash and using textures appropriately. The goal is to have as little processing as possible from your sooc images - but I am hoping to have some fun with my images Smile How about you?

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following too Smile thanks for asking