Lightroom tutorials?

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Lightroom tutorials?

So I am about to take the plunge into the scary world of PP and am looking for a good online tutorial for Lightroom 3 (preferably free). I figured I would start there and then move to PS CS5.

Also - does it make sense to learn Lightroom before Photoshop or should I do it the other way around?


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I will be stalking this thread Smile I just got LR3 and have been messing around with it but have no clue what Im doing... My best work so far hasbeen fron using presets haha.

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I will be watching this thread too. I have CS5 but everyone raves about LR, so I have LR3 and have played with it a little, but dont really know what I am doing.

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Bumping so hopefully someone can get an answer.

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creative techs had a free live LR tutorial that was really good, it was a while back
I dont see it now but maybe they will have another in the future

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I was searching for the same thing earlier today and found this:
Not sure how good it is cause I haven't looked at any of the videos yet.