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locations for a shoot?

I was just wondering how everyone of you does it. Do you only go to public places to do photo shoots? There are hardly any nice places around here to do photo shoots. Well, I haven't lived here in ages and I've been driving around looking for spots but they are either fenced in or maybe a nice garden that belongs to a church. Do I need to get permission to use their property for a photo shoot? I know maybe for practice shots its ok but what about when I start making money off of it in the future? Since this IS the place where I'll hopefully be starting my own little photo biz. Smile I'm taking it slow though. I'm just very curious if you all get permission from the owner or whoever first? If its a public spot I am guessing that's not necessary right?

thanks Smile


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This is a big issue here in Los Angeles. I have paid permits for some places, and a few places are state property that you simply have to apply for permits showing that you have business insurance etc... There are no places (public or private) in Los Angeles that you don't need a permit of some sort to shoot. At smaller parks and for urban street shooting I just chance it...but at more popular places, I definitley don't feel comfortable not having a permit. It's one of the hardest aspects of this job for me...finding decent, cheap, legal locations.

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We have a LOT of public parks around here. I don't bother with permits for any of the urban or park locations. And there are ALWAYS a ton of photogs out and about. I also like to shoot on the grounds of the TAMU campus. If I am just shooting outside, I don't worry about permissions or permits. It's treated like a public space, so I treat it the same. However, there are some pretty amazing buildings around here (think stained glass, etc) and if I want to shoot inside or even in a door way, I seek permission. There are some buildings here on campus that require a fee to shoot in and some that just want to schedule the time so that it doesn't interfere w/ classes.

If I were you, I would at least ask at places like churches. Technically speaking, those are not public places.

I hope you find some places you really like!



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thanks! Smile I hope to have my own home studio in the future. I'm going to try hard to put that together. Before we even buy a house we'll be looking for something big enough so I can have my own studio. And in our back yard I want to make something really nice for pictures as well. And I hope to do on location shoots as well but hopefully not too many out in public places unless I know it's ok with the owner (if its not a public place).

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We have a lot of amazing parks around here, so that's what I mostly do. They are all public, so you don't need permission. Downtown there are some amazing condos in a high-rise building that my brother just went up to the front desk and asked if he could go up to one of the empty ones to go on the balcony to take photos. They obliged and let them stay up there for an hour or so just snapping away. I think it really just depends on the type of local you are looking for.

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I agree with parks, and it also dawned on me lately that the college campus where I work has a TON of great potential spots for photography...with the combination of old (and new attractive) buildings, lots of landscaped flowers and shrubs, beautiful trees, and steps and fountains....

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I go to parks too. When I did the maternity shoot at the botanical gardens, I did have to pay a photographer's fee (which my client picked up) but when I was shooting my own family I didn't. Every where else I've gone, it's been free. I have asked permission at some places, and have never had an issue with approval.