Looking for advice please?

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Looking for advice please?

I know, i know. You get a bazillion people all the time asking about which camera to buy, but i'm hoping you won't mind this since it's not for a DSLR. Lol

For Christmas my mum wants a nice camera. She toyed with the idea of getting a DSLR, but thinks it's a lot of money if she's not sure she would ever want to take it off of auto.

Sooo... Can anyone recommend something? We've probably got up to £250-£300, which is about $412 - $495. I don't know if we would even need to spend that much though if it's not a DSLR. Smile

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I have a Canon PowerShot and I love it. My dad got it too, and it's working out really well for him.

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I love my pentax p&s. It's probably not out on the market any more, but there are a LOT of great p&s cameras.

I recommend checking out www.dpreview.com ... you can compare cameras side by side. It's a fantastic site.

Good luck!