Looking for some more CC please! (3 year old girl)

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Looking for some more CC please! (3 year old girl)

This is my second cousin. She has never had any professional style portraits done, so my aunt asked me if I would like to practice on her. Win-win, right? We finally got together last week (after trying to merge our schedules for a couple of months). She was such a dream to photograph! Never turned away from the camera, always had smiles, and even struck some sassy poses for me.

These were done at about 11am at a local prairie preserve. There's a trail with a bunch of trees that I tried out, but the capabilities of my camera and lens just didn't allow me to get enough light for any of them to work. Not to mention the horrible green casts I was getting. So I pretty much chucked all of those. I did find some more open shade, and tried my hand at some backlighting. Let me know how these turned out. Please be nit-picky!

1/200 f/5.6 ISO1600 187mm

1/320 f/5 ISO100 135mm

1/160 f/4 ISO200 55mm

Had the chance to photograph glasses again, and was more aware of it. My aunt said she could take them off, but I told her I wanted to practice Wink
1/125 f/4 ISO100 60mm

1/160 f/5 ISO100 146mm

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What a cutie!!! She looks like she loves the camera as much as the camera obviously loves her. Biggrin

1. this one is my favorite. Exposure looks great as does focus. And the bokeh here is so very lovely. You got great catch lights and the pose and composition are simply FAB! If I had to pick any little thing to nit pick over, I would say the bright spot on her right (our left) shoulder. You might try burning that just a hair to down play it a bit. But even that is such a tiny little thing that I hesitate to mention it. This is a great shot - portfolio worthy!

2. The lighting works against you here. Nothing looks blown which is a great credit to you. but the shadow on her face with the super bright side light just doesn't work for me.

3. Love this one! Her personality really shines here. I don't really have any suggestions except that maybe you could have opened your aperture a bit more to blur more of the background. But like in #1, that is a serious nit pick as this is a wonderful shot.

4. this is my 2nd favorite of the set. Your aunt looks great and her glasses actually draw attention to her eyes, which is awesome (imho). You might tryin cloning/burning the bright spot behind her head. And there is a bright spot on the right side of the grame that could use some toning down. Love this!

5. the bright light here is not distracting like in #2 - you really made it work and she has that 'sun kissed' look to her. great job! you might try adding just a touch of fill light ot her face, but otherwise this is another great shot.

TFS, Stephanie! This looks like it was a really fun outing.


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1. I love the bokeh here !! I feel like she is a bit OOF?
2. great bokeh at f/5! I agree with GiGi on the lighting here though.
3. love her pose and expression here. My only CC is the bg kinds bugs me b/c it looks more like sticks...
4.sweet capture.
5. This one is probably my fav even though it's a bit bright on the bg.

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Thank you both! Yes, I thought the sun was a little too harsh in #2 as well. Do you think that fixing the brightness on her face would be worth it for this one? I was kind of thinking the same thing about #4 and the bright spot above her head. I was curious what others had to say about it.

Yeah, I wish I could open up my AP more. Unfortunately, 4 is as low as my lens will let me go. Sometimes it's more like 5.6 Sad

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#1 - love the light, the color, the smile...everything!
#2 - not quite loving the bright lighting on the side
#3 - cute
#4 - my favorite - this is so great all around!
#5 - I love the warmth of this one! I feel like she isn't looking exactly at the camera, but that's me just being picky! I think you did great with the backlighting!

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Yeah, she's not looking directly at the camera in that last one. I was a little disappointed in that.

Thank you for all the CC everyone! I really appreciate it! I'm really trying to look at all the little details now.