Lunar Eclipse

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Lunar Eclipse

Hi all

Braved the cold for a crystal clear view of the lunar eclipse this morning.

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absolutely lovely!!! looks like it was worth the early wake up call and cold temps!


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love these!!

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wow! love them!

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Beautiful!!! I didn't know that was happening yesterday until I started seeing FB posts about it. But now that I read about it, I see that North America was not able to see anything anyway. Sad But the article says we'll be able to see one in December LOL!

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Wow great pictures.

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Beautiful! I love eclipses. Since it wasn't viewable from over here, I watched it on Google's YouTube channel. Yes, I'm that much of a nerd Lol

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So freaking cool!

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Gorgeous! Great job!

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I'm jealous.. I couldn't see it here, it was too cloudy Sad