Lurker no more!

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Lurker no more!

Hi everyone! I used to visit this board often (mostly lurking) a couple of years ago but then had computer issues and had to put my photography aside, and with it went my visits! I have resolved all my issues (ie: purchased new stuff) and am back! Like I said, I didn't post a whole lot, mainly was one of those people who posted pictures for cc but never gave any. Awesome. I feel I have evolved as a [hobby] photographer and am much better at both giving and receiving cc. I've wanted to on quite a few photos here but didn't feel I should until I atleast said a little :wavehello: So that's the point of this!

My name is Melanie. I have two sons, a scruffy dog I adore, two kittens, and an awesome guy that I'm lucky enough to call my husband. Lucky most days, sometimes it's more of a :whippin:situation, but not often. I used to think I wanted to go into the photography business but now I'm not so sure. As I said, I think I've evolved as a photographer, hehe. I'm smart enough to know I'm no where near ready and also that I'm not sure I want to turn the hobby I am passionate about into a business I depend partially on. We'll see.

I've been shooting with my Canon Rebel XTi, which I do love. I have Photoshop CS4 that I'm becoming more skilled at but am not nearly where I want to be yet. Yesterday my husband surprised me with a Canon 50D. Yahoo Wow, so happy! It's still in the box, I unfortunately had such a ridiculously long and busy day that I just didn't get to open it. Soooo that will be done today! I can't wait, absolutely CAN'T wait, to try it out. I've heard good and bad, but know a few people that shoot with it and love it so I am just positive I will love it, especially coming from the XTi.

Wow, so that was longer than anticipated. I just wanted to throw a little blurb about me at you so that when I do give cc, you may remember who I am instead of, "wtf?"

I look forward to becoming more involved here! Maybe getting more involved on this board will prompt me to come out on ilp [someday]. One quick question, my screen isn't calibrated, how do I go about doing that?

If you made it through all this, thanks for your time!

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:wavehello: Melanie! YAY for getting a new camera! What a sweet hubby! Biggrin I hope you will post some pics soon! I am a total newbie here, so I can't help on calibrating....sorry.

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Hey there! Congrats on the new camera, and welcome to the board!!

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Welcome! yay for a new camera!

no idea about the monitor, but i'll be stalking for the answers b/c i'd like to know too Smile

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Welcome! I'm here most everyday, but usually at work where I can't log in so I don't get to post much. Just wanted to say I have a 50d and I love it! it works for me just great! Can't wait to see some pix!

I use a macbook to edit and haven't done any calibrating yet

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Welcome! Can't wait to see some of your pictures. I'm sure you'll love your new toy.

For calibrating, sadly the only accurate way to calibrate is to buy another piece of equipment. Fortunately it's an affordable piece of equipment. I use Spyder Pro 2.0 to calibrate, got it for around $70.

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Welcome Melanie! Congratulations on your new toy and can't wait to see your stuff!

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woo awesome on your new toy congrats and cant wait to see pics

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Hello, welcome to the board. Congratulations on the new camera! What an awesome surprise that must have been! Smile

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welcome! I love your username, I totally chuckled at it. Smile congrats on the new camera, that's so exciting!!! glad you're moving from the land of the lurking to the land of the posting, can't wait to see more from you.

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Welcome to the board and congrats on the new toy! I am sure you'll have tons of fun with it.

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Cant wait to see your pictures


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Welcome and congrats on the new camera.

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Welcome, jump right in!