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If you're wanting to come out of hiding and start participating here on the photography board, I'd like to help you along! I'd love to start a newbie group again, and help those of you who are just learning your photography skills. When you're first learning photography, it's really important to get some feedback so you can be pointed in the right direction with any changes that need to be made to get the correct exposure. I can help you with that. We can also start to go beyond the basics as well when you are nailing exposure.

I really hope some of you take me up on this offer. I can say that if it weren't for this board helping me along with the basics, I'd probably still be stuck with underexposed images.

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I agree with Steph! COME ON OUT! I was terrified when I first started, but learned sooooo much!

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I'd like to join in again. Now that I'm in a better place physically after my back surgeries. Smile I am still quite the newbie.