Macro Fun (share from my blog)

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Macro Fun (share from my blog)

I just shared this on my blog, but wanted to share here too. I wish I had more time to play with my converter. Definitely want to try the water drops, as I love Jennifer's shots.


I got a cool macro lens converter back in November, but haven't spent much time playing with it. During the snow we got at the end of January, I decided to take it out to see if I could photograph snowflakes. Well, the snow we had was small and melted almost on contact, so I didn't end up with much.

This was the closest I got to capturing a unique snowflake. We haven't had great snow to capture individual flakes. The screen here is a window screen, so that gives you an idea of how small these flakes are. I hope to have another chance before we're done with snow for this winter.


I found a neat icicle though (this was pretty tiny, I love that the macro converter let me get the details of the bubbles in the ice)


I gave up on trying to get more snow, and brought the camera inside. Then I really had some fun!

This is a neat blanket that I have hanging over my sewing chair. I really love how the colors show up in this close up.

A ribbon on the ornament my daughter made in preschool

Jack's Lightning McQueen (Matchbox size) - I have a few more pictures of his car, and in taking these, I discovered that the tires all say "Lightyear". I love how Pixar shares details between their movies. (I had to sneak his car away to photograph it, he kept taking it from me as I was trying to capture it)
Lightning McQueen - a macro view

Andrew let me turn the camera on him (a very rare thing indeed), and I captured his eye and lashes. That was the most fun I had with my macro time. Smile I know I shared his eye on this blog already, but it also belongs here. Besides, it's cool enough to share twice.

andrew's eye

Andrew's lashes

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Gwen! Holy cow have you adanced since the last time I was on here. The photos are amazing!!! I love the icicle one and that Andrew sat still for that pic. Great job!!!

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Love these Gwen! The icicle is really cool and I'm jealous of the eye shot. Dani will not hold still long enough, and Jaxon keeps reaching for the lens when I get close to him. Sigh.
The detail is amazing

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These are great. I love love love the eye pic. Eyes are just so beautiful when seen up close.
I hope someday my LO will stay still long enough to take a picture of her eye(s). They turned out to be a really interesting hazel and I just can't seem to capture it in photos.

Newbie question: what is a Macro Converter? Is it an attachment for a regular lens or is it something added to an already Macro lens?

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These are great! I really love the eye pics. And how neat that the tires say "Lightyear"!

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I love them all! But the eye shots are so fantastic! My DD has really unusual eyes and I long to do a shot like that -- these shots are just so beautiful!!

I also really like the texture and colours of the blanket shot.

I laughed about the Lightning McQueen shot, because I have been trying to do something like that with one of my kid's trucks, and have produced nothing nearly so great. This is a really neat shot. Perfect angle and everything.

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Beautiful eye shot Biggrin And I love the bubbles in the icicle too. Just lovely!