macro tulips and a self portrait

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macro tulips and a self portrait

I got these amazing tulips at Trader Joe's last Friday, and they just keep getting more beautiful as they all open up! Anyway, I am mixed about these. I feel like I could do way better with the focus. I might have another go once I get some CC from you girls. Please be honest! Thanks.

aperture 2.8 and ISO 100 for all photos, the only thing I changed was my shutter speed. I was moving the vase around outside from sun to shade, trying to find a sweet spot.

1. ss 1/320

2. ss 1/4000

3. ss 1/400

4. ss 1/1600

5. ss 1/1600

6. ss 1/1600

7. no cc on this one PLEASE! I was taking pics of my son flirting with his reflection and decided to snap one of myself, since I have NO pics with me in them! Now y'all know what I look like! It dawned on me that this is what my kiddos usually see too, LOL!

One more thing...I'm still not at all happy with my watermark! Gotta work on that...

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Ooh the first two are really pretty! #2 is my favorite. I like your SP too, you're pretty! Smile

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The tulips are SO PRETTY! Your macro work looks nice and crisp and the color is just amazing! I love the variety of angles you used. It makes each shot a fresh look.

And you look GREAT! I let my DS take some of me recently (*shudder*) but I don't think I'm up to sharing them outside of my family. Blum 3


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The tulip pics are so vibrant and pretty! And you're as gorgeous as ever!!

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Pretty tulip shots! I tried to take some of this kind of tulip last summer, but I overexposed them. I've got to try grocery store flowers!

I agree about the watermark. I'd like to see these with the watermark a bit smaller so that it doesn't detract from the photos.

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Love the tulip shots! Very pretty! Makes me excited for spring, our front garden is FULL of tulips!

The self portrait is very pretty, I love putting a face to the name!

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The color is amazing. Such vibrent red and yellow! Your focus is really good for the most part. I'm not too fond of 5 or 6 myself. I think the focal points aren't as strong as your other examples.

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Beautiful color on these! I like #2 and #3.

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All the pictures are beautiful, your self portrait looks great.

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Gorgeous tulips, you captured them so well! I think I would like #1 best, but it's hard to be sure with the watermark. They are all lovely. Great self-portrait, too!

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Thanks everyone! I haven't had an opportunity to re-shoot, and by the time I do I think they'll be dead. Oh well, guess I'll have to buy some more on my next shopping trip!

And thanks for the boost in self-confidence...lately I feel like I've sort of let myself go so I needed that! Having a 4 yo, a 2 yo and a 4 month old will do that to a gal. Smile Someday I will have a cute haircut and a pair of cute jeans on, but not today LOL!

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Tulips are sooo pretty and you are too! Great job!