Made the plunge into RAW!

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Made the plunge into RAW!

And....2 for cc please.

Okay, so I finally did it! But, I think I need some help on how to use each of the sliders and when when I open up the first screen in elements. When everyone mentions ACR is that what you are referring to? Or is ACR something in "real" photoshop?

Here's my first few, hard cc is welcome and PTE as always. My self cc would say these are all waaaay to centered and the first one I should have turned her so she wasn't so straight on. I need help with comp big time. I think I need help with the studio stuff in general. The first one I really want to get right. It may make my christmas card if I can't get any better shoots in the next week (HARD to do with an active 3yr old).

1. ISO 400, f/3.5, 1/125, 50mm, natural light!
IMG_8196 PP3

Here's a link to the large SOOC one for this one...

2. ISO 400, f/5.6, 1/60, 31mm, speedlight bounced off ceiling

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oh how LOVELY!

Only CC from me is that I would turn her slightly to her left so her right arm wasnt darker than the rest of her

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that first one is super cute!

yes, that's ACR that opens the RAW files. Wink Use the eye dropper, it's your friend. But play with auto under white balance and the auto under the tint slider to see what the program would give you. I tend to use the eye dropper but if I'm in doubt, I see what auto gives me. Then I go back to eye dropper and move the sliders until it looks good to my eyes. The auto under the tint slider does more with your exposure and contrast. I don't always use it, but sometimes I use it when I feel like my image is lacking. Sometimes it gives me a good result, sometimes it doesn't.

anyhow, looks like you're doing better with the light. Smile Your WB is definitely off here (because of how your backdrop looks). I'm guessing too much majenta just from looking at it.

but whoo hoo on making the plunge!

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Cazz - Good tip, thanks!

Gwen - Thanks for the mini tutorial on ACR! I appreciate it. Just realized theres an entire chapter in my elements book on it as well! duh. How would I know if there is too much magenta? In elements don't I only get values for R, G, B?

I agree my white background looks gray. Urgh. I messed with things ALOT and could not get it looking white unless I masked this one...any better?

IMG_8196 PP3 mask web water

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one thing I just learned is that your white balance eye dropper actually should be clicking on neutral grey in your image (from the kelby book I just got). If you don't use your grey card you can take a picture of it in your setting then click on that. In acr you can copy your settings from one pictures to another