This makes me laugh...

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This makes me laugh...

Just for fun...

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Thats really funny and cute. My kids are the same way. My 1 yr old actually runs the opposite direction when she sees the camera and refuses to look at me no matter what noise I make... my daughter had a friend over the other day who is a good family friend and I was out taking pictures of them and my daughter Diablo says "my mom likes to take a lot of pictures" and her friend says "that's okay, so does my grandma"...BAHAHAHA


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Isn't that the truth. Ruthie's gotten jealous though lately when I take other ppl's pics. So, she's been super willing! Yahoo

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that's adorable! I'd hang that one.

For me it's the 9-year-old that's impossible. My 6-year-old loves it, my 2-year-old will sometimes give me 5 minutes, but the big guy simply refuses. I wouldn't even get that look from him. Nothing at all. UGH

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I get that look too. Wink Like Esti, my 8 year old is the biggest refuser.

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*sigh* I swear that is about the ONLY look I ever get.

I hope this phase isn't a permanent one.

TFS, it's an adorable photo!


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Priceless Biggrin

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lol cute! DD kinda likes the camera as long as she gets to give me her goofy faces Blum 3 I'll take anything though! I take breaks though so I am not always taking pictures.