Maternity for CC

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Maternity for CC

Mom was an old friend but I still felt nervous shooting her, but she was so cool and willing to try everything. There was stuff i forgot when posing her, her other little guy had a melt down so there's one pic with him, and the cat kept laying on my floor. Biggrin I think i got enough shots that she'll be happy with though. gorgeous window camera right. I feel in #2 and #3 there are possibly some blown spots? Are any portfolio worthy?

Settings: ss 1/100-1/125, f/ 2.8-3.2, and i can't remember my ISO. These are guesstimates as i'm at work and don't have the exact settings here. Looking for HHCC...i can take it...want to improve TIA Smile




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These are very nice! She is a beautiful girl,with a perfect baby bump!
#1 she looks a bit magenta, but Im in love with the lighting
#2 very nice conversion here, moody and dramatic
#3 i find the mini blinds a bit distracting here. its a very elegant shot, so i think sheer drapes would have added to that feeling

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You are definitely improving.

1. She looks very bright on that one side. Only the very edge of her arm is blown in the red channel but that side is so bright that I find it a bit distracting.

2. She needs some space in the crop. Her knee is chopped.

3. I agree about the blinds. They make it look snapshotty. Sheer drapes would make the difference.