Maternity for CC

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Maternity for CC

This is my second go at maternity. This time was MUCH better. But, I had the help of about 9 pro photogs in my area Wink

This was for a Clickin Moms meet up last Sunday. The model is actually a pro photo out of the Carolina Beach, NC area.

I was definitely the most inexperienced photographer there and the only non-pro photog. But, the girls are so sweet and really are so helpful at both the meet-ups and outside of the meet-ups. I'm lucky to have a great group of support so close to me.

Here are my favs that I've edited so far. I actually had edited these once before with Elements and went in after I got CS5 and did re-edits. Still not 100% happy with these, but that just means I need to work on my post processing skills more.

1/640 f/2.0 200
2011-01-23 01ERW

1/500 f/4.0 640
2011-01-23 04ERW

1/320 f/4.0 400
2011-01-23 03ERW

4. I think the weeds are a bit too distracting in this one....thoughts?
1/400 f/4.0 640
2011-01-23 02ERW

1/800 f/13 640
2011-01-23 05ERW

1/1250 f/13 640
2011-01-23 06ERW

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Wow! How awesome to be have those ladies as resources!

These are so nice! I really like the silhouettes, what a beautiful location. I like how she's posed in #5, but I really like the perspective of #6.

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I totally love 5 and 6! Those are my favorites Smile

What an awesome resource you have at your hands! I bet you're learning a lot!

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Just beautiful.

To have that much experience handy would be awesome!


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Beautiful pictures, the B&W conversion is amazing.

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These are wonderful. My only thought is, is there a texture on #2? If so, I don't think it's necessary. Seriously though, these are fab.

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#5 is awesome! I would LOVE to be able to go shoot someone other than my kiddos, or insects! I do think #4 is just not quite right...maybe a different crop, or a b & w conversion? Great job! Oh, and I do like #2, but I wish her face was more cheerful. Smile

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that looks like a fun meet up! when is she due? she looks like it's soon!

1. her belly hand looks blue to me. is it? overall this seems cool to me. with the partial backlighting going on, there definitely needs to be more warmth to the image.

2. bokeh's awesome here. not loving the pose, because I'd like to see her other hand and the arm that we see seems tense. but that's CC more on her than you.

3. wish this was more of a profile shot. conversion is nice, probably better that way too because of the uneven light on her.

4. yeah, the weeds are just too dead for this. I mean, she's in summer apparel, but the envirnment doesn't match at all. and I think this should be warmed up too.

5. LOVE this!

6. Love this even more! just beautiful!!!!!!

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I agree with all of Gwen's CC. They looked cool to me too. The other thing distracting me in 1-2-3 is the bright spot on her chest. I'm not a fan of the #3 being headless.

How funny to see someone in tank tops in December with all the dried-up wildflowers/plants around.
My fave is definitely #6, gorgeous!!!

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Thank you all so much for the CC!!! I really need to hear stuff like this so I know what to change.

Kris, no texture on #2. It's just the bokeh. I agree, it does look a little unnatural.

Kaci, maybe I should try a closer crop and BW for #4. Those weeds are just too sharp for my liking. I'll have to see if I have another angle that's a little better.

Gwen, thanks for all that feedback!!!! I actually thought I had warmed them up too much but now I see where they are a touch too cool. It just takes someone else to point that out for me to see :/ That's my frustrating part right now!! On #3, another girl got an AMAZING profile shot. WISH I had done that Sad Totally hear you on the clothing. These were her choices, or maybe it was a group decision?? But I did like the contrast of the yellow/brown weeds and the pop of her teal tank top.

Amy, I burned the bright spots on her shirt because they were too bright, guess I didn't do it enough. That sun was direct on her, so it was kind of hard to not get those bright spots.