Maternity (CC)

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Maternity (CC)

I can't say that maternity is a love of mine. I've done 2 other sessions with friends, and I didn't have as much fun with it as I have my other sessions. I have definitely found that I'm more of a family photographer, and found myself gravitating that way during this session. I had to rush towards the end to get the belly shots that I wanted.

I'd love to know what you think of these.

All shot with my 50mm 1.4

1/500 f/5 ISO200

1/400 f/4.5 ISO400

1/1600 f/4.5 ISO400

1/400 f/4.5 ISO400

Same as above

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1. This is probably my fav. Just being nit-picky- wish his or both their hands were on her belly. Looks more like an engagement pic.
2. Not your issue-, but I wish she was smiling. Her hair distracts me...
3. too much sun here. Boy looks unhappy. Great job with the dog tho!
4. CUTE! You can tell the baby is on her right, our left side!
5. The tracks are a bit distracting. I wish you would have opened up a bit more and maybe had this one closer up.

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I pretty much agree with Sadie's CC. I'm sure they will like them - some sweet moments here!

#1 is my fave, as well.

#2 she looks a little uncomfortable or something. Not a genuine smile, which is too bad.

#3 I'm wondering if it wouldn't have been better to move them forward a little. I can see they're in the sun and the look like they're squinting. If they were in the shade just a couple of feet forward, they'd be more comfortable. OTOH, without being there and knowing exactly what the conditions were like, it's hard to say how well that would've worked.

#4 is lovely. The only thing is, my eye keeps going to the window frame in the upper left.

#5 is really nice. I didn't agree with Sadie about the tracks at first, but now that I look again, I see that they actually lead the eye away from her, so shooting this a bit more wide open so the tracks weren't so defined, or changing the composition, might've been better. (I think I might've liked to see them all a little more wide open, actually.)

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Thank you so much! I was feeling really off my game this weekend, and I'm not quite sure why. I also had a family shoot with a 3 month old that went TERRIBLE!! My first re-shoot is coming out of that one.

Hopefully it's a small rut, and I'll get out of it by next weekend.

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1 - My fave, sweet pose, they look sweet together.
2 - I'm not feeling the pose. I think he needs to be closer to her.. He looks like he's trying not to touch her, like the belly-out hug you give an acquaintance (if that makes any sense). I'm guessing maybe that's not 100% related to the pose, but also maybe he just wasn't relaxed.
3&4 - I think the others gave good feedback, not much for me to add.
5 - I like this. She looks relaxed and natural. I just wish there was something a little darker behind her belly because it almost gets lost in the other light-colored background.

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1. This is my favorite too. Love the pose and long grass in the background.
2. This is probably my least favorite. The pose is fine, but they seem stiff.
3. I think the pose is great, but because they're in full fun, they're squinting.
4. I really like the comp on this one.
5. I really like everything about this. I don't find the tracks distracting. I do think her belly might be a touch bright.