maternity pics for cc

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maternity pics for cc

Well ... as you guys know, I had my first maternity session this weekend. it was ... an experience. Blum 3

The papa-to-be is Logan's muay thai coach. The mama-to-be is having a hard time with the changing shape of her body. She's been an athlete all of her life and she is really struggling with these changes. So when we started, she told me that she didn't want any pictures of her face, her arms, her bum, or her thighs. Basically, she wanted belly pics and nothing else.

I did stray a bit and took some photos of the whole of her, but I tried to stay true to her desires as much as possible.

Due to a scheduling conflict, we did NOT end up shooting at the gym. We went to a friend's house. They had a nice little room with a huge window. There were no a/c vents in there, so it was still pretty hot, but I tried to go as fast as possible and we took several breaks along the way.

Anyway ... These are a few of my favorites. HHCC more than appreciated. I may never get the chance to do another maternity shoot, but who knows. And if so, I'd like a chance to get it right.

1. iso = 100 ss=1/200 f/3.2

2. iso = 100 ss=1/200 f/3.2

3. iso = 100 ss=1/200 f/3.2

4. iso = 100 ss=1/200 f/3.2

5. iso = 100 ss=1/200 f/3.2

6. iso = 100 ss=1/200 f/3.2

7. iso = 100 ss=1/200 f/3.2

and another play on the story board:

They've invited me to take baby's first pictures when he gets here in November. I'm really excited about that as it will be my first newborn as well. Smile



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I was hoping to see a post soon! Wink

1. I think mom looks amazing. Seriously. The blinds are a bit distracting, but I think the angle flatters her body.

2. I wish her belly was more in focus. I think most of the focus fell on her face. I like the idea though.

3. I like this one better than #2. What a sweet moment. Biggrin

4. The only nit-picky thing is I wish the "B block" was even with the others.

5. I like this one better than the edit in your 1st storyboard. Dad looks really sweet on Mom and baby. I like that!

6. great shot.

7. this might just be me, but this angle does nothing for her. It looks like her breasts are really saggy.

8. I like this storyboard better than the first one.

CONGRATS on your first maternity and a newborn shoot coming up! I'm so excited for you!

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Sounds like things went well at your session! Smile Very nice images!!
#1- the vingnetting is a bit too much, but that is strictly a pesonal taste.
#2-i think her belly gets lost in the pose
#3-like this one Smile
#5-my eye went right to the shiny spot on dad's nose but that is an easy fix
#6-love your focus and clairty here. Very nice! Smile
#7- i believe your focusing on the hands, but i kinda wish dad was in focus. He's looking at the camera and I feel like he should be clear too.

I like this story board better than the first one you posted. a clean B&W so much better Smile

I can't wait to see how your newborn session goes.

Nice job GiGi!! they should be pleased with thease Smile

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So glad you didn't have to do it at the gym! Smile I'm typing fast, since (as usual) I shouldn't even be on the boards. Lol

1. I'm not loving the blinds. Sad I find myself looking outside beyond her. Does that make sense? I do like how she's looking down though. Looks like the vignetting is hitting her shoulder.

2. The angle is off here ... by that I mean that it's harder to tell that she's pregnant. Holding her belly is really helping, but at the same time, it doesn't scream "I'm pregnant!" to me. However, I think the colors look good and focus is very nice.

3. Very sweet. I love how her DH is nuzzled against her and her hand is over his.

4. Wish her heart wasn't smushed. Sad (I feel like I'm being overly critical ... I'm sorry. But I'm hoping that my comments are helpful for the future). I think she needs to be MORE pregnant for these pictures. There needs to be more belly definitely, a way to tell that this is a pregnant belly aside from the tell-tale signs of the heart hands and blocks.

5. Very sweet ... but her belly just isn't pregnant enough for this to be obvious to the outside viewer.

6. Try a more of a side profile for this ... you've got a better angle than #4, but her belly still isn't pronounced.

7. It looks like he's hugging her boob. Sad You hate me, don't you?

Storyboard looks nice, the shot in the middle DEFINITELY is obvious, and I'm so glad you have that!

That's AWESOME that you'll get the newborn shoot!

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You already got some great CC, but here are my thoughts anyway...
#1 I like the soft light you did, but would try to blur the blinds a bit since they are a little distracting
#2 The pillow/blanket/red-thing on the chair really distracted me at first glance and detracts from her bump. Such a pretty lady and a sweet pose idea
#3 I like this one, but I don't know if I would like it is I were the preg lady... mainly because if I was self-conscious about my shape I wouldn't want hubby hidden behind me, making me feel bigger. I like your conversion
#4 another nice conversion, I think they will really like this one
#5 love this. I would extend the painting/canvas to extend off the image so it doesn't compete
#6 Another good one
#7 focus gets to me on this one, I look to dad more than the hands and feeling like it misses some of the emotion of the moment by focusing on the hands
#8 I like this much better!

What a great opportunity! I am looking forward to the newborn stuff!