Maternity Session Tonight - Super Excited!

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Maternity Session Tonight - Super Excited!

I just had my first session in the studio but we also went to a local park and got some shots there too!

She was so cool! wanted to just try different things, and I found a really nice local park with a hidden gem of a brick wall and a whole wall of greenery

I must say I am super super excited as I pretty much had NO editing at all except for 2 of these images. Of course sharpen for web!

Feel free to offer CC. If you want settings, let me know. Does the hand positioning being practically the same bother you?










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Your color and comps look nice. The location is beautiful.
Yeah, I would have liked to see a little more variety in posing. In every single one, her hands are the same, and she is looking right at the camera with the same smile.
#6 she looks a bit uncomfortable.

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Great set, Cazz! The new studio looks great! I love the shot of her w/ the tiny shoes in front of her. The park looks super cool too and that brick wall is awesome!

I think I'd like to see #2 in a portrait orientation - the current comp has her very centered.

TFS! You have truly been producing some great stuff lately!


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HHCC below.

#1. I'm not fond of the mow lines in the grass.

#2. Her position looks uncomfortable and unnatural to me here. It's a rare occasion that I lean against a tree and turn my head so far to interact with someone. (except for professional models) Poses should really look natural and in general these look like you told her to "stand over here...put your hands on your belly...look at". Head positions should make sense....meaning, if the subject were really interacting with the person in the position of the camera, how would they turn their body, their shoulders, their head? I guarantee that if you two were standing in the park talking, she would never choose to stand like this.

#3. She looks nice in this shot. I don't really like the brick wall as much as you do and find that super bright section of the brick wall on the right pulling my focus. I'd prefer a portrait crop here as I see nothing really special about the wall.

#4. Probably my favorite of the bunch. Nice smile, like the cute shoes. Too much space above her head though....I'd crop.

#5. Again, not really working for me. It's a pregnant girl in front of a green plant, looking awkwardly at the camera. If you're going to shoot someone in this severe of a profile, they shouldn't be looking at camera. It would make more sense if she were admiring the belly or looking wistfully off into the distance.

#6. Boy does she look uncomfortable here. Too bad she couldn't just lay back and let her head relax. Also, because she is forcing her head into that position, it is creating almost a double chin. Just not flattering. I do like the black and white with these stripes, just not how you posed her.

#7. The pose would be more flattering if she weren't just standing straight. She should have a cocked leg and some sort of curve in her body to make this work.

#8. Didn't I just see this shot?

#9. Her head is at a very unflattering angle here. Would have done better to get above her a bit and have her tilt her head the other way so that there is more separation between chin and neck.

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I like the clarity & color but I have to agree about the posing, most are the same, and the lying down one looks so uncomfortable.
#1 and 2 background/scenery is not doing it for me, for a portrait, mostly because of the mowed grass lines like Amber said.

I do like the brick wall one for visual interest but it does have a bright patch on the right that looks like sun?

I like #4 but all I keep going back to with my eyes is the camera-left-side of her hair that looks smudged out, near some other marks on the wall that look like editing/smoothing.

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I agree with most of the cc.

1&2. The mow lines are distracting. I don't mind the location, but maybe you could fix the mow lines?
3. I like brick walls, but I agree with the cc to put in portrait and cut out the bright spot.
4. I LOVE her smile here. It's real. The only thing is the flooring going down the middle, distracts me and there is something going on with her hair and the white background.
5. I would have liked this more if she was loooking in a diff direction like Amber said.
6. I wish she would have been more comfortable here, b/c this could have been awesome if she would have laid back and had a serious face!!!

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Great job for getting out there! I do agree with some of the CC already provide, and nothing new to offer. The light in that studio looks like it's awesome.

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Thank you so much everyone. This is why I love this board.

I appreciate your time and effort in helping me improve and see both the errors and the positives in my images