Maternity session- would CC and your thoughts

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Maternity session- would CC and your thoughts

Here's my latest maternity session. Baby girl is due in December and i get to photograph her ! Smile I couldn't get over how absolutely glowing and happy this mom was...her and her dh were great to work with. Here's what i need your thoughts on: at the session i told her i would put a gallery of the edited proofs for her to see. She asked if i give out the unedited images. I said sorry, no. I sent her the sneak peak and she emailed tonight loving her pics but again asking me to send her the 20-25 unedited images that she can choose which ones she wants edited because she's "super picky" about photos. :dry: i'm a bit miffed because i already told her no and this isn't the first time this has happened to me. How do i deal with this since it seems to be a continual thing? I may have to state in the contract that no raw images are given away ...anyway, on to the pics! 28-75mm used,everything varied as the light in the room was in an out and there wasnt as much coming in by the bed as there was by my backdrop Smile

1. f/3.5, 1/125 iso 500
first time i was able to use a client's bedroom, i was stoked!

2.f/3.5, 1/160, iso 250

3.f3.5 1/160, iso 200

4. f/3.2, 1/125, iso 2500
a bit noisier than i'd expected. flash bounced up and slightly back, but room was super dark. I kinda like the remaining noise though...thoughts?

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How fun to get to use areas of the client's home!
#1 very nice and great light! The crooked lampshade drives me nuts though and the pose makes it hard to see the lovely curve of her bump
#2 pretty light in her eyes! something seems off about her chin and mouth to me... also, tummy seems glowy-bright compared to the rest of the photo
#3 I like your conversion and the way the light fell on her. Can you clone out the 3 white spots on her pants and the floor above?
#4 The noise doesn't add to it to me, but it isn't distracting to me either. She does seem too bright, almost blown her right side (left side of image)

Also, what is the wording in your contract or PB agreement?
My release states "clients will receive a compact disc of 5 digitally edited images of the photographer's choosing as well as a copyright release allowing the client to print images as they wish" I haven't had any issues with it.


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#1 - the crooked lampshade is the first thing I noticed. Also, is there a toe chop? Perhaps some cropping can fix both of these, because I like it otherwise.

#2 - Love this one! Her eyes look beautiful. Her belly is really white, though. Perhaps you can try and make it match the rest of her skin?

#3 - Nice B&W conversion

#4 - I think the noise bothers me - makes it seem less professional, IYKWIM.

Not sure what to advise on the business question. Sounds like she's putting you in a tough spot, which isn't cool. I definitely wouldn't share any unedited photos with her, but I'm not sure what the best way is to tell her that. Sorry you have to deal with this. Sad

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Thanks for the CC guys. The toe chop, ugh...I think i did that in post and can probably find the rest of her toes. Smile The lamp, try cloning that out maybe?

any thoughts on how to recover some of the clipped blacks?

one section in my contract states:

In order to maintain a high standard of quality, the client shall receive an private online proofing gallery of the best images taken(see package details). Images that are not of this quality are deleted. The images displayed will be fully edited and watermarked. Please provide correct address above if a disk is to be mailed. D.P. Photography is not responsible for any disk lost in the mail due to incorrect information. An additional disk can be purchased at the client’s expense if there is such an occurrence

I had taken parts from a contract i had found online. I guess i should just add another point that states RAW, unedited images are not available for client proofing? viewing?

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I totally think you should stand your ground b/c YOU KNOW what will look good. She might look more flattering in one shot, but your focus, color, exposure etc might be off, so you know that it won't be a good one. I think you should just tell her what you think. Smile

1. I agree with the lamp. It's throwing me off. The first thing I noticed was her roll on her hip. I would so want that edited out if that were me!
2. I love her expression, but her belly does seem to be glowing more than her body.
3. I agree about the white spots. It is a bit bright, maybe tone it down just a hair.
4. I don't mind the noise. The only thing I notice is she only has one leg b/c the blacks are too black and there is lint on her pants.

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that's a really tough situation, but you do state in your contract that you will only be providing them with edited, watermarked images. Stand your ground and remind her that she signed the contract. You might soften it with an offer to further edit any image she wants tweaked, but I have misgivings about offering even that or you could end up in post processing hell.

Here's my thoughts on the photos:

1. I know the crooked lamp shade is bothersome, but I wouldn't clone it out if you can't just fix it. I like the punch of color that the lamp base provides. This is probably my favorite of the set. Everything looks really nice.

2. she looks amazing here! I wish her belly wasn't so different in skin tone. Is that due to the flash/lights? You might try warming it up just a bit.

3. again her belly looks a little over exposed/washed out. otherwise, I love this one too. you do b&w very well! Smile

4. the noise doesn't bother me too much, but you might even consider bumping it up so that it looks intentional. love the composition of this one quite a lot!

TFS! you always do such awesome work! I can't wait to see your newborn shots!


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I think it's very interesting how a lot of people talk about bellies being a different shade than the rest of the skin....not only here but in other PG photos me, that difference seems common-sense/totally normal because lots of people just don't tan their bellies except in summertime. So it makes sense that her belly is paler than her face. Faces are exposed to sun literally every day; stomachs aren't. It doesn't bother me at all; her belly skin looks very pretty like soft powder Biggrin

For the lampshade, could you select just the shade and straighten it?
I love #2, it's my favorite, but her whole face looks soft to me.

For the noise in the last photo, I like it on the wall but not on her face. If you're going to work with it, maybe add a texture?

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Great fun!! No advice for the unedited images Sad Just hold your ground.

1. I like this one! The lamp shade is slightly distracting though.
2. Would be really nice, but it looks like focus fell on he boobs and not her face.
3. I like this one!! I think the angle is really nice. You can see her face and expression, which is very loving.
4. This one seems a bit awkward with the crop. Also, run it through noiseware to take out some of the excess noise. Maybe brighten it up a bit too?

Great job!! I can't wait to see your newborns for this mommy Smile

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I love the shots...

I know what the woman is feeling... I have a friend do ours in Feb. and I had to ask for all of them and she was kind enough to send me them on my disk...
There were so many that I loved that she didnt have on the original line up that I wanted...
I didnt care if heads were turned or eyes were closed...

So I can see where she is coming from but I know that some photographers are not will to share them...

Have you thought about asking her what she is looking for in the photos to shot?

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Will have to give CC during the day when my eyes aren't so tired ... but wanted to give you my advice on the photos. You definitely don't want to set a precedent where you're giving unedited photos. She probably isn't used to dealing with this kind of photography - you're the artist here. Just let her know that you'll be the one editing the pictures, but if there are specific changes she wants made to a photo, you'd be happy to help accommodate her. And since this isn't the first time you've been asked, then you should put it in your contract.

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I like this set and am a bit jealous. I'd love to do a maternity set. I don't have any real CC since everyone's given such good feedback. I agree about the lampshade and the lamp's color being distracting. Also, I might try to smooth out the pillows against the wall if it were mine.

I wonder if the model was trying to be nice by saving you editing work for photos she wouldn't want. I agree that I would gently but firmly stand my ground.

Personally, if I were at a level where I was producing a higher percentage of acceptable shots, I probably wouldn't mind the client viewing non-reproducible, lightly edited images (e.g., OOF, eyes-closed shots). I don't think I would ever release such images, however.

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Thanks ladies. I had sent her an email yesturday after reading some of your comments and told her that unfortunately I don't share unedited or raw image files. And like you suggested Gwen, i mentioned too that if she saw something in one of the photos that she didn't like i'd be happy to redo the edit. But not re-edit all of them. She replied today and she seemed totally understanding *phew* Smile

i have adjusted my contract as well. I'm kinda tired of the "I like what you did, but i wanna edit it myself" thing. Smile

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I'm glad she didn't make a fuss! Good on you for sticking your ground. It's so easy to try and keep everyone perfectly happy all the time, but there ARE occassions where sticking to your guns is the best way to go.