The 'maternity' shoot :D

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The 'maternity' shoot :D

Well I finally got my sister upright and well enough to try my hand at some belly shots.

I had all these ideas but I forgot all but one of them

Here are three.

This one was kind of an out take but I kind of think its cool!

Of course we did the love heart thing...

And I don't think I have seen this done before but if I have and I've stolen the idea from anyone let me know... I still love it.

Feel free to CC.... I'm on my way out the door so I dont have time for settings but I can get if anyone wants


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these are cute! Smile I love the third one. That's funny. I've never seen something like that before. #2 I see a sorta halo around her body. Otherwise it looks great to me. #1 the bottom left is a little distracting. you did great Smile

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Glad you got your chance!

Love #2 & 3. The direct focus is great on #3. I love the angle you took #2. TFS!

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Cute idea! Nice shots and angles, too. I do agree about the glow around her body, though... not sure if that was due to PPing or not? Also, I'm not calibrated, but it seems like 1 and 3 are a bit cool compared to 2. I'm glad you got to do the shoot, though! I bet she's going to love these!

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have seen a shot like #3 before...very cute Smile

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Great job. Only CC is on #2, I would have turned her facing front to see the heart better Smile

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oh, fun!!!! I love the binky in the belly - I've never seen that before. And I actually like the angle on the heart one, I think it's cool!

I agree on the tones, 2 is definitely warmer ... and I like that so maybe boost the warm tones on the other two.

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Oh, I am so glad you got to do the maternity shoot! She's gonna love these pics! #2 is my fav. Love the heart pics and I like the shows off the bump and the heart!! great job!

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Lol!!! I love #3!!!

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She's 32 weeks so I'm going to have another go on October 24 at her baby shower.

I am really pleased at how these turned out myself too.# 3 still cracks me up Biggrin


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