MIA but i have an excuse...

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MIA but i have an excuse...

So i've been out of commission for a while but last week our baby boy made an appearance 3 weeks early so i'm back and LOVING doing my own child's baby pics. It's so rewarding to not only love the photos and cherish them, but also be proud that i could do them! So no CC since i know they aren't perfect but....my boy is perfect so it's ok!! Smile

being monitored after birth...

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Congratulations! He sure is a cute!

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He's a DOLL!!! And I guess he just couldn't wait to join the family, so he had to come early.

I love all of these and I'm really looking forward to all the photos you're going to be taking of him.

LOVE LOVE LOVE that last one! Makes my heart ache for another.


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Both baby and pictures are beautiful, congrats!

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Congratulations. Simply beautifully and the last one makes my heart go awwww

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Congrats! I love the 3rd one! Share more asap so I can get my baby fix! My baby fever is at an all time high Wink

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Congratulations, he is so precious!!

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Congrats! These pics are just wonderful!

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Baby fever here too! LOVE him! he is adorable! Great shots!