Miscellaneous Photos I've Taken This Summer-Fall

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Miscellaneous Photos I've Taken This Summer-Fall

I wanted to share these shots, just so that everyone knows that I'm alive and still shooting..... Smile Feel free to CC.

A friend's daughter, Sahara. They visited before flying home. While I was at work, they went to DC, so I didn't see them until they got back. I wanted to take pics of Sahara before night fell but was worried that she'd be too shy (since she hadn't seen me before). To my surprise, she was so animated and not at all timid! I'd love to do a more formal shoot of her.

Another of Sahara. I love her expression even though she isn't looking at the camera.

A butterfly from the butterfly garden at Washington National Zoo. I don't think it's domestic, so I'm not sure of the species.

Details of a Cayman Island Iguana from Washington National Zoo. I wish his eye had been open, but I like the textures and colors.

An angel from Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC

DH (looking rather grumpy) after we went apple-picking

Daddy and Tyler reaching for a juicy, red apple

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SWEET! A catch-up thread from Janet!!! it's good to see you post again!

I can see why you would want a more formal shoot with Sahara - she is lovely and seems so at ease in front of the camera. Great job!

The Cayman Island Iguana is just amazing - even with his eye closed! WOW! That is some pretty incredible detail!

And look at how big Tyler has grown! He looks so different from your sig pic! And you can see if this picture how much he resembles his dad.

TFS! We're glad to have you post whenever you can get the opportunity. Smile


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Great shots, TFS! Sahara is so cute and lovely! Love the butterfly shot, and the one of your DH and son apple-picking is sweet. What a great moment to remember. Smile

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Lovely photos....thanks so much for sharing!

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Great pics! I love that last one and how their colors are represented in the apples and surroundings as well! Glad you are back!

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Very nice! I love the bokeh in #1! Glad to see you posting. I wanted to take my daughter apple-picking for our first time this coming weekend, but it is supposedly going to be super cold & rainy Sad maybe next weekend.

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Fun photos! I am glad you posted an update!

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Love your butterfly shot! Good to see an update from you. Tyler really has grown up since your siggy pic!