Miss Daisy Mae

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Miss Daisy Mae

We've had two kitties for years, Dewey and Oscar. When we moved to this house we chose to do a complete remodel of our kitchen. Guys came to install our new counters and left the door open. Our poor Oscar kitty got out and had been gone for 4 weeks before we found him...he didn't make it.

Ever since Oscar disappeared, Dewey has been one lonely kitty. So, we decided it's time for a new baby.

This is Miss Daisy Mae. She's one adorable and sweet little kitty!! She LOVES to play and loves to cuddle. Doesn't cry and is so gentle with Tyler and Rylee...lets Rylee carry her around anywhere without a fuss. I'm head-over-heels in love with this little girl!!

Unfortunately Dewey doesn't quite feel the same...he's being one big meany towards her Sad But, I know he'll come around.




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She is SOOOO cute!! I love the picture of Rylee with her that you put on FB. She looked so darn happy Smile

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So fluffy...

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your other kitty. Miss Daisy is adorable.