MMA head shots

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MMA head shots

Many of you guys know that, given my druthers, I'd shoot martial arts/MMA type photos any day of the week! Mostly that means that my little man has to endure me and my camera at all of his judo and muay thai classes. Smile But rarely, I get to shoot the big guys too.

Last spring, I got to shoot the owners of the gym where Loli takes his muay thai classes (as they are all amateur MMA fighters). They have now built a team of about 10 amateur MMA fighters, a couple of which are about to turn pro. And they asked me to do some shots for the team! OH HAPPY DAY!

The full team shoot isn't until later this summer, but I got a chance to shoot a young guy and girl who both have amateur fights in the next month so that they can use them for their promo material. And I wanted to share a few as I am editing their set (I'm only about 1/2 done, but my 'day job' is keeping me real busy and I likely won't finish the rest until next week or so).

Anyway ... I know there are a lot here, so don't feel like you have to comment on them all, but if you wouldn't mind picking one or two and letting me know what I can do better (I know there is a LOT of room for improvement), I would really appreciate it. I have about 6 other individual team members I'm going to shoot and then I'll be doing some group shots w/ the whole team as well. So I will take all advise and put it into play for those shoots. Smile

1. 5omm f/2.8 ss=1/80 iso=640 speed light bounced off reflector to camera right, diffused natural light to camera left

2. 5omm f/2.8 ss=1/80 iso=640 2 AB 800s for light

3. 5omm f/2.8 ss=1/80 iso=640 2 AB 800s for light

4. 5omm f/2.5 ss=1/200 iso=640 speed light bounced off reflector to camera right

5. 5omm f/3.2 ss=1/80 iso=640 2 AB 800s for light

6. 5omm f/3.2 ss=1/80 iso=640 2 AB 800s for light

7. 5omm f/2.8 ss=1/80 iso=640 2 AB 800s for light



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LOVE these GiGi!

1. Just wish the sign wasn't right there.... I feel like it draws away from him.
4. There is something about this one that's not working for me. It's as if she's too pretty and not mean-enough looking if you know what I mean....I do like the other ones of her.
7. Her face is too bright here. He looks fine, but her's is too bright in my opinion.

You did such a great job! I always adore your posts!

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Great job GiGi!!

#2 looks off to me. Underexposed maybe? Not sure I like the shadow of his hand on his body.

#3 is totally my favorite! And that's saying a lot coming from someone who doesn't really like b&w's that much Wink But, seriously, I love the pose and comp.

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Gigi! This post got lost for me! I meant to reply a while ago and totally lost track of it! So sorry!

Anyhow, I think you did a fabulous job here!

1. Love this one! Looks really great!

2. Color is off. His skin isn't the same as number 1. Not quite sure here. I'm not calibrated, but he looks a bit green/yellow compared to the first one.

3. Awesome conversion! Love this! And what a great, powerful comp!

4. Her expression looks a little goofy to me here. Not sure, but her face looks off a bit.

5. This one is really nice! She looks a little more scary here, lol!

6. Love this one, too!! This (along with #1 and 3) is one of my favs!

7. She definitely looks underexposed.

Great job, Gigi! This was super quick since DS just woke up from his nap, but I love this set! What a cool venue to shoot for! I bet they will love them!

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I love #3 and #6 the best...very very cool! The rest are great too, but I agree that the sign is distracting in #1. That chick looks tough!