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Mommy Goggles Share

My kids gave me the best gift this year for Mother's Day and allowed me to get photos of all four of them together. We had limited time and the two littles were sick, so I had to make do. Unfortunately, I underexposed most of them and had a lot of noise to contend with, but I don't mind... they are my babies! I had my husband holding my reflector to scrim dappled light, so I wasn't able to to use it to bouce light into their eyes. CC welcome, but not necessary... I see lots of flaws!(More on my blog at
Did a soft light layer for fun...

The girls

The boys

Drea, age 13

Gavin, age 9

Kade, almost 3

Bentli, 20 months

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Very sweet set of shots! Smile

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Awe... cuties Biggrin

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Nice set of shots! I just wish I could get four kids to sit still that long! As for composition, I like the crop and subject placement best in Gavin's picture.

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Aw, how sweet! I can imagine it's darn near impossible to get all 4 kids together at one, so this is awesome!!

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Really nice set! Hat's off to you for getting four kids to cooperate for a photo shoot! I like #1 the best, and that's a great tree/spot for the shots!

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What a great gift, Beth!!! I had wanted something like that myself, but it just didn't pan out.

I love #1. I think the soft light layer worked really well. You've got quite an adorable bunch there. Smile

The one of the 2 girls is so sweet. There's just something about seeing sisters that always gets to me. Too bad Kade wasn't feeling well - you can really tell in the photos and that's a shame b/c he seems like quite the ham most of the time in your photo shares.

TFS! I always look forward to your shares!


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What a fantastic mothers day gift! Probably the best gift I could think of!

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Beautiful shots, what a great mothers day gift!

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That's a great gift! Maybe my almost 3 year old will let me do some of him next year for my gift Smile

I think they look great!

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AWWWW! Gonna have to steal this M-day idea! Smile Great pics!

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What a great gift! Beautiful shots (and kids!)!

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really so cute!