Monitor Callibration - a question

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Monitor Callibration - a question

I recently had some photos printed and they came out terrible. They looked fine on my screen but when they were printed some seemed almost flourescent and others had shades of colours that I couldn't see on my screen.

I would like to have my monitor callibrated but really can't afford much at this stage (due to some VERY large unforseen expenses). Can anyone recommend software that is reasonably priced and decent quality. I am sure you get what you pay for, however, I'm not intending to be a professional, etc. I just want to be able to print my photos and be more confident they will not come out fluorescent colours Wink

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Check e-bay for a used Spyder Pro or Spyder Pro2. They are very affordable and excellent quality.

However....where did you get the photos printed? Sometimes the print house is to blame for bad color.