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Moo Cards

Just wanted to update on the Moo business cards I ordered. They are stunning! The white on them looks just amazing. They are really expensive, but the quality is better than any other business card I have ever seen. I just ordered some more for the portraiture end of my business and utilized the ability to have different photos on the back.

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I just got my moo cards too... LOVE THEM!!! So does Rylan Smile He is always asking if he can look at them!

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I use Moo cards too. Every time I hand one out, they do a double take and comment on how nice they are. EVERY TIME! Worth the money in my opinion, because it makes me stand out!

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Thank you girls! This is fabulous to know!

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lol, I didn't even know they were expensive... I just knew that's what I wanted, and didn't even price out any other places. I actually thought it seemed like a good deal! Totally worth it for sure.

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Thanks for the update!! I've be eyeing these up for some time now - glad to know I won't be disappointed when I finally get around to placing the order!

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moo cards? i am a noob lol idk what they are, are they like business cards?

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I got mine from them too, the minis, and everyone LOVES them!