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more in daddy's hat

this has been a trying week ... mostly w/ health concerns ... some for me, some for Loli ... the ones for Loli concerned me much more than myself, but both slowed me down considerably. The worst part was yesterday at work when I wanted nothing more but to be at home caring for my boy MYSELF. So to appease my motherly yearnings, I played with his pictures some more during my breaks. I wanted to work on this reflection technique. I have some ideas on using this in other ways, but this gave me something fun to play with when I was having a hard time being away from my little man.

Just wanted to share.



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love it! but GiGi, I think you should warm up the third photo - it's WAY cooler than the other three and doesn't seem right. I think the bricks might be throwing the WB off. but do warm up and see if that looks even better.

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Thats a neat idea.. you are so creative! I agree with Gwen on the third image. I hope you and DS are both feeling better soon.

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Great idea! I think it looks great! Nothing to add, but I hope you two are feeling better.