More family portraits for CC please!

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More family portraits for CC please!

I have been super busy with editing lately! I had three photo shoots in a weeks span....editing is something I need to catch up on, but I have been so busy with everything else too! Thank goodness this is the last week of school and I am out for the summer! YahooYahooYahoo (I'm not excited or anything....)

Anyways, here are a few that I took this past week. Any CC is appreciated!

On these, I was a bit stupid and didn't pay too much attention to my ISO. I had it upped to 1000 in some, so I had to use noiseware, which wiped out my settings...forgive me. But, I can always say my SS was about 1/150, and my ap was around 3.2-3.5.

1. Couldn't choose, B&W or color?

b&w or color_web by sadieruth, on Flickr


J3_4x6_filtered_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

3. Maybe this one needs a bit more saturation?

Family1_web by sadieruth, on Flickr


Family1_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

5. This little guy had an ulcer in his mouth, so he had a hard time smiling...

Lane1_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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These are beautiful, Sadie!

#1 - I prefer the B&W. I would play with the colour if you want to use that one; seems a bit green. They also seem a bit bright in the colour one; doesn't matter in the B&W, though.

#2 - Really cute! Great smile. Great job with positioning. Is the hand chop in-camera? Very minor detail, doesn't bother me, but just wondering.

#3 is great, such genuine smiles from everyone! Colour seems a bit off too, just a bit green in the skin? Not too sure. The little boy's forehead seems too bright too.

#4 - Lovely shot! I really like the directional light on the oldest boy's face. The other two are turned in a bit more, but the bit of shadowing on the one side of his face is really nice.

#5 - Poor kid with a mouth ulcer, but this is my fave of the bunch. Beautifully composed, great, genuine smile... really love it.

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I feel weird commenting on color since I'm not calibrated, but I feel like they're all a little cool.

#1 - I, too, prefer the black and white Smile

#2 - I noticed the hand as well. I think that maybe the horizon of the building (barn?) in the background could have been a little lower on him instead of at neck level.

#3 - I think I would have liked to see the little boy held up a bit more at head level of mom and dad. But that's been pretty nitpicky Smile I think this is a great shot!

#4 - You have some great directional lighting here! I feel like the light may be just a tad harsh on mom and younger boy, though. Maybe next time, have the older boy have a bit of a connection with mom. Maybe just in a touch more closer to her, or having his hand touching her.

#5 - My favorite also! Love the light here, great smile (depsite the ulcer!) and I like the leading lines.

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These are really nice! But #1 and #3 are VERY cool and/or green. #2 looks just slightly cool. #4 and 5 are a bit bright, but nice too.

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Looks like you are having SO much fun, Sadie! I'm jealous of your summer break. I would love a summer home w/ Logan. Maybe once before he leaves for college it will happen. Smile

Anyway ... to the pics:

1. I prefer the color though it looks a BIT on the cool side to me. I am at work so take that w/ a huge grain of salt. I like the b&w as well, but for once the color grabs me more.

2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I do wish there was a bit more light in his eyes but exposure, focus, composition ... everything works here for me!

3. I think it might be the centered crop that has me less than over the moon with this shot. Focus looks good, color looks good (mom and baby don't look nearly as cool here as in #1). You MIGHT burn the background right behind them a bit. The brightness draws my eye away from them.

4. how sweet! Mom's expression is less than ideal, but still very sweet to see her w/ her boys here. Color, focus, and exposure look really nice.

5. GREAT use of trailing lines here! I would never know he wasn't in the mood for smiles - he looks great. I love the lighting on this one. In fact, it may be my favorite of this set. He is perfectly exposed and I am drawn right to his sweet face. Mom is gonna LOVE this one!

TFS, Sadie! Hope we see LOTS more from you!


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GiGi I think 3 looks MUCH more blue-green than #1, actually.... ? but I am with you on preferring the color version of #1.