More Headshots!

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More Headshots!

I loves me a headshot session with a handsome guy!

Just got an e-mail from this guy with a glowing review of the proofs. I'm so thrilled. He had been really disappointed in his previous headshots...some even shot by some famous LA Headshot photographers...and he had very specific needs, so I was worried he wouldn't like my work. Here are the 9 example proofs I did for him.

CC always welcome, but not required.










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Of course they are all awesome but LOVE 1 & 3!!

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These are great as always Amber! Love#1... #4 too. What PP did you do on these, if you don't mind me asking?

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I love these Amber. Nice job! I love them all. My only cc is that on #3 I think that the crop is a little tight on the top of his head and with the shape of his hair gives him that "I could have a giant alien head up there" look. These really do look great! So glad the feedback was good. I'm sure that makes you feel good.

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These are great, I love #1. I can see why he was thrilled, well done you!

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My favs are 1 and 3. Amazing work. I know he will be very happy with these.

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you do amazing headshots! I always love the way you compliment them with the background you shoot against!

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WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing, as always. My faves are #3 and #5. I love how you always capture a wide range of emotions. Headshots (for me) are so hard, but you make them look so easy.


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Well, I can't blame him for loving them! They are great! LOVE #1! AMAZING as always!

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I am in awe! He is gorgeous! I love #5! Nice work!

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do you ever photograph ugly people? seriously ...

these look great!! 2 & 5 are my favorites, but they all look fabulous. no wonder he was thrilled. Smile