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more judo boy

I'm still playing on my lunch breaks. I haven't found a design yet (including this one) that I feel is right for the subject matter, but at least that means I can keep playing with the pictures.

Here's my latest play. Any/all suggestions ALWAYS welcome.

the goal of this one was to show off as many techniques as possible. I got a lot on there, but I'm not thrilled w/ the overall look.

Back to the drawing board.


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How are you converting your bw's?

I think the thing that can make or break this one is the contrast or depth that you have in your bw's - right now they are consistent yes, but on the flat side. Also - is there a reason you chose green? Maybe try a different shade of green or a different color? Red? Just an idea.

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I am guessing you went with green because he is a green belt? I also would like to see some more conrast in you black and whites and the frame is too much for me. You have a great subject and I wish I felt more of the "POW" energy in you layout...

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I am not liking the green conversion. How about just doing them all in B&W?

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I agree, not feeling the green conversion.

Also, I know it's nice to have pictures of You and your DH in there, but I feel like they are kind of out of place. Maybe putting them together or in corners?

Just want to say I love your collages, though. You are so creative and they are just really neat to see.