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More Macro Fun

We got about 8 inches of snow last night/this morning. I waited too long to work on macros, but I tried.

These are the best two I got. I'm not thrilled, but at least I tried! Hoping I'll get more chances.

2010-12-26 07

2010-12-26 08

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Wow love the second one!!!

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OH pretty! love the second one as well Biggrin macro is fun huh? I haven't really used mine since October. Everything is covered in snow right now. Good you are capturing a bit of the snow though Smile it's so hard!

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that's awesome!!!! What lens?

I got a macro converter for my birthday, and the first thing I tried to get was snow. but the flakes were way too small.

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Gwen, I used a 20mm and 36mm extension tubes on my 50mm lens. These is cropped and sharpened.

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BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love the second one also. I never knew a snowflake could look so pretty