more MMA - *very* pic heavy

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more MMA - *very* pic heavy

hey guys ...

I'm BAAAAACK! I have been editing every spare minute I can find since taking these last week. I took a ton of photos and tried a variety of styles in my processing.

Here are a few of my favorites, but really ... I am so BEYOND thrilled with this set. I'll be showing them to the client today and am hoping that this translates into a couple more shoots w/ the other members of the staff. (Gwen ... I'm trying to barter for Loli's kick boxing lessons. Smile )

Anyway ... I know there are a lot guys, but I just couldn't help myself. And later this week I'll be starting on the collages (I threw one together, but I intend to try a lot of different things w/ the collages too)!

I would LOVE to know your thoughts, especially on the processing.












The client has given me permission to share the gallery and I would LOVE to share all of the photos w/ you guys, so if you are interested, you can see the full set here:

I'd ask that you not post comments there though as it is the gallery I will be sharing w/ the client himself. I'd appreciate any comments though, so if you are so inclined, please post them here.

TFL guys!!!


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LOVE. Seriously, LOVE every single one of them. My fav is the first though. AWESOME shot! I love the blue in some of these. You totally rocked it! You found your zone! WELL DONE! Process is perfect!

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These are very cool!

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Truly AMAZING work! I love the poses and processing. I am sure he will be thrilled with them too! He looks amazing! I would love to hear how you did the blue PP and also #2--I love that too. But I understand if you don't want to give away your secret! Smile

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Wow. This are great, I LOVE #1. I love the blue in them. U did an AWESOME job!

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These are fantastic. Great Job!

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very very nice!!! Biggrin i love them all especially the first one. these are so moody (is that even a word? lol) they are great! i'd also love to know how you did the bluish processing. I can't wait to see more from you in the future!

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Love them all Gigi, great job!! number 5 is my least favorite, looking up into his armpit isnt very flattering.

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These are great gigi!!
#1-love this one
#2-wish there was a touch more light on his face, gloves look way bright in comparison
#6-my fave Smile
Great work and the processing suits the images. i'm sure he'll be very pleased Smile

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Love them all!

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WOW! Those are great!!! #1 and #7 are my faves!

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Thanks, guys! I truly appreciate it!

I didn't end up getting to show the client the pics yesterday. Looks like it will be Wednesday. But I'm OK w/ that. I went ahead and printed a few of my favorites. Even if he doesn't like them, I will be using some for my portfolio (b/c *I* like them).

Thanks for the compliments on the processing. The guy had a very specific style that he wanted me to try and accomplish. I got lucky in that the walls of the place are painted a nice deep blue to begin with. Then I used a variety of actions, layered on top of one another, to get the desired effect. The actions I used most commonly were ... (1) Steven Almas' "Urban Acid" action, (2) Pioneer Woman's "Heartland" action, and (3) Pioneer Woman's "Seventies" action.

I layered these actions and adjusted the opacity of each until I got the look I was trying for. In addition, on the "Heartland" action, I turned off some of the effects and adjusted the opacity of some of her 'toning' layers. This made for a really nice chocolate conversion that became one of my favorite looks like on #6 and #10 in this set.

I used a few other actions as well to add vignettes and some to add grain or texture, but I can't remember which ones right now (I'm at work and the files are at home).

I added a different collage to my blog if anyone wants to check that out. I hope to find the time to do a few more over the next week and will be adding them to the blog as well.

Thanks again everyone! This guy is a friend of the family and he's a lot of fun. And he has a lot of friends in the same business (amateur and semi-pro MMA fighters). I am sure hoping he'll put in a good word for me and help me drum up some other shoots like this. Biggrin


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I love these shots, too! My favorite is also #1 because it reveals lots about the subject's personality. Seeing this big, muscular tough guy on his knees praying is totally unexpected and intimate!

The shot of his back looks just a tad too dark to me, but it could be my monitor.

I love your use of light and shadow (chiaoscuro, if I remember my art terms).

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a girl after my own heart. I LOVE MMA, UFC UCE you name it! I love being able to be strapped to the pole of the cage to shoot and not fall when the fighters are pinned against the cage awesome pics

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GiGi, these ROCK! I love your PP on them, it's varied yet it's consistent with the dramatic flair you're going after. I like the collage you linked better than the collage in the initial post. I want to look at the whole set, but I gotta load the kids up for a bike ride and get out of this house!!!!! I will try to come back later (if I don't, send me an email and remind me to look at the gallery. :lol:)