more ... more muay thai & more soccer
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Thread: more ... more muay thai & more soccer

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    Default more ... more muay thai & more soccer

    I *love* spring! It seems like there is just SO MUCH going on!!!!

    Logan is still enjoying his muay thai classes. A few other students have joined the class now and while Logan is the youngest, he's been training the longest so he has a kind of seniority. I think it really puffs up his ego (not that that needed any help ).

    Anyway ... he was begging me to do another muay thai poster for his bedroom, so I put this together:

    I'm actually really happy w/ how it came out and have made it my desktop image at work.

    I've also been playing around w/ custom personas for Firefox. Anyone else playing around w/ that? We have a judo theme at home and I made a muay thai one for here at work. I could play a long time w/ those things!!!

    ANYWAY ... I also got a chance to shoot some pics at one of Loli's soccer practices. I don't get to do that very often (b/c we have other commitments before practice where I don't have a safe place to keep my camera). But we had a change in schedule on Monday and I got the chance to bring the camera this time. I really love to take pics at practice since I can get so much closer to the action. I still have all the headaches of the full sun and all, but I like this slightly different take on soccer shots. Here are a few I liked. C&C always appreciated!

    1. f/5.6 ss=1/500 iso=100 200mm

    2. f/5.6 ss=1/500 iso=100 200mm

    3. f/5.6 ss=1/500 iso=100 200mm

    4. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 200mm

    5. f/5.6 ss=1/400 iso=100 200mm

    6. f/5.6 ss=1/200 iso=100 200mm


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    Looks like you've been super busy! You do an amazing job with those active kids. Impressive!
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    I always love your soccer shares! You are GREAT at taking sports pics! It makes me so excited for when my little boy is old enough for sports!!!

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    How did I miss this thread?

    YAY for getting to shoot some practice shots! I can imagine the excitement!

    LOVE the new poster. The ONLY thing is the blue rope in the bottom right pic. Could you crop it a different way? LOVE the gloves in the background!

    1) love the excitement here on both of their faces. It looks like you can have fun, and it's not all about winning!
    2) same as above, only thing TIE THAT BOY'S SHOES! the action and smile here work so well together!
    3) these boys were going at it huh? love how both feet are off the ground!
    4) This one I like b/c it really shows how hard these boys are working!
    5) the man in the red shirt is bothering me. I know that's hard to get around extra people though.
    6) my fav of the bunch. I just like the action & tongue!

    Wanted to add that the last two would be great ones to "cut" him out of to make your posters like you do!
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