more pictures from 6 month old session (pic heavy!)

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more pictures from 6 month old session (pic heavy!)

I'm done editing the session. Wink I really can't wait to show the mom!!!!!!!

I do have questions on some of the photos, so please read on.

Settings are as follows, except where noted:
Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/2.5
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 160

1. Just love this shot!


2. I have a portrait crop of this, but I'm thinking I really like the space to the right (our left) of his head. Do you?

May042010_0018 landscape

3. Not a fan of this one ... couldn't do the mom behind him because of what she was wearing.


4. I adore this one, even though he's not smiling. I just think it's adorable. Does the wood peeking out from the blanket bother you?


5. Cute or not cute?


6. I like the viewpoint, but wish I had his head where his butt is - more light there. Also wish I didn't have that annoying diaper, but didn't have a cover handy.


7. I had a whole series of the baby in this tub ... but my camera wanted to focus on his feet. This is the ONLY ONE where I didn't lose the focus on his face. Not loving it, but including it since I shot so many of him in the tub. I did a sunshine action on the second version - which do you prefer?


May042010_0048 sunshine

8. Another version of the bears & bum - I smoothed the dimples out of his butt (fixed the tilt on this one, tilted image has been deleted Smile )

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 250

May042010_0082_filtered copy no tilt

9. Is this salvageable? I like that he's looking at himself, but the wrinkles under the plex drive me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 250


10. Couldn't get any nakey shots without the binky at this point

Exposure: 0.008 sec (1/125)
Aperture: f/3.2
Focal Length: 30 mm
ISO Speed: 250


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#2 - I like the crop you've chosen
#3 - Mom will still love it!
#4 - The wood doesn't bother me, and I really like this one
#5 - I'm gonna go with cute, but he does look a bit like he is sliding out of the picture, and trying to hold on Biggrin
#6 - I can't get over the diaper, I'm such a sposie hater :rolleyes:
#7 - Sunshine!
#8 - So cute
#9 - I don't know how to fix that... hopefully there is a way, and someone knows...

Such a cute set, great job on these Gwen!

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Hey Gwen, these are great!

# 1... LOVE
# 2... I like this crop, but I can see that G'ma might prefer is portrait crop Smile
# 3 ... I think it is cute, even off to the side, but can you clone out Mom's bracelet/sleeve?
# 4... So sweet, wood doesn't bother me a all
# 5 ... LOVE IT (normally don't like tilts, but it works for me here)
# 6... cute. Diaper looks a bit blown in spots, but that might be my computer
# 7... Doesn't do much for me... but the concept is cute. I'd love to see others from this part of the shoot. Why was the focus off? Do you use auto focus or toggle your focus points? Also, of the 2, I prefer the sunshine
# 8... very cute
# 9... the wrinkles were the first thing i noticed Sad and the pacifier ruins it for me
# 10 Mom will love this one, it marks the age/stage so well!

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I LOVE 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10! Just the way they are, although in #6 I might try cloning out the blue parts of the diaper....and in #9 it looks tilted but it's just the angle of the shot...and maybe you could smudge out the wrinkles on the left (the deepest wrinkles)?

Just as my pretty inexperienced opinion, which you can ignore if you want.....For the others, the tilt in #5 is too much to me, can you straighten it? #7 is just my dislike of babies in tubs lol but also because the side of the tub is chopped off, and I'm not liking that towel. #8 is tilted too but I just prefer the other bears one you posted before.

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ack! can't believe I forgot to fix the tilt on #8! will do that tonight.

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Oh my goodness Gwen! Is he already 6 months!? Geez, he grew up FAST!

1. My fav out of all of them! He just looks so happy!
2. I like the space to the left and right. I would keep it as is!
3. I am not fond of this one either. Mom's hands just look awkward.
4. Wood doesn't bother me too much here. Love his expression!
5. I like it's cute. He looks like he's ready to go!
6. Not too fond of this one. I don't like the diaper, just throws it all off.
7. sunshine action is better!
8. LOVE. Wish I would have done one of these with Randy! Too cute!
9. I think the paci is fine. He loves his paci and you documented that!
10. I am not loving it. The wrinkles throw it off for me.

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was hoping for a little more feedback on these so I'm bumping ... Wink

and I agree about the diaper shot. last time I actually sewed him a cloth diaper (newborn shoot) but I didn't do that this time. I need to get some covers for future shots like this.

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Gwen- what a great idea! I'll have to remember that too!

There aren't many ppl here anymore. Sad

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Gwen ...

I don't know how I missed this thread! Glad you bumped it up.

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE! This is a winner for sure. It would be a canvas candidate in my house. Smile

2. I like this crop. But I'd have to see the portrait crop to really be objective.

3. not a fan of this either. he looks like he's about to topple over. however, I bet mom likes it.

4. he doesn't have to be smiling to be adorable. this is another great one! the wood at the back (top left in picture) doesn't bother me at all. but if it's not too much work, I would probably clone the little bit of wood to our right, middle. it's darker and keeps drawing my eye.

5. VERY CUTE! I'm not normally a fan of angles, but it works here.

6. love this, as-is. I can see how more light would have been nice if he would have been reversed, but it's still a great shot!

7. I like the sunshine action. his eyes still look a bit soft to me - focus seems to be on the feet.

8. very sweet shot!

9. I don't know how to go about fixing those wrinkles w/out messing up the reflection, but I will bet that mom loves this shot anyway. *I* would.

10. GREAT! binky or not, this one rocks!

You are truly coming into your own, Gwen. All of your study and practice is paying off and your clients are VERY lucky to have found you!


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my faves: 1,2,4,5,8,10. His skin looks nice and creamy in the first few, mom should be please. the wood in #4 doesn't bother me personally.
-love the clarity and light you've got in his eyes.
-dont think i would keep #9. Unless his reflection was clearer and there were no wrinkles, then i'd keep it. not feeling any connection or feeling a story with this one but you've so many other good ones, losing this one isn't horrible.

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I don't have a whole lot of time to comment on each one...but i had to take a second to say that im so impressed with how far you've have really shown an improvement espically with this session.

Great job!

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I agree. You really just made a jump in your skills recently, Gwen! Nice job!

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I guess I missed this one...better late than never!! You did an awesome job, BTW Smile

1. Definately fav of the bunch!
2. I like the comp of this photo. I think a portrait version may be cutting it close since his head is turned so much. (does that make sense?)
3. Cute, but this shot is way too centered for my taste.
4. The wood is a bit distracting to me (but I seem to be the minority).
5. Eh, the tilt is a bit much. Just seems like he's going to slide out bottom first Smile
6. Cute shot, but with the sposie diaper not sure if it's print worthy?
7. Ok, I'm in LOVE with these bucket shots!!! TOO CUTE!! I think I'm drawn more to the sunshine edit. I think it's the lighter coloring?
8. Butts and bears! That's what you should name this one Wink Very cute!
9. I can't really see his face, so the reflection of it is kind of lost, in my opinion.
10. I don't think the paci is a problem. Cute shot! I know Mom is going to love it!