More questions about "tagging/signing" your pictures

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More questions about "tagging/signing" your pictures

I took some fall type pictures for my friend's little girl who is now 11 weeks old. I put my new "signature" on them. Well, I gave her the files not thinking that she might have problems having them printed off because of it.... Anyway, I went up to the Walgreen's where she was at to sign a release for her. The lady said that in the future I need to give her pictures without it because I could get in trouble for it...... What am I missing? If I'm giving permission for them to be printed, how is that a problem? Since I'm not actually a professional using a professional print lab, should I just leave it off all together? Can anyone direct me to a good place to read about these things? TIA for any info you might have.

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You won't want to put them on the pictures that she will we printing off. I only use it on the ones that will be posted to the web.

The people at Walgreens are kind of cranky about photos. I had one call me up, despite the print release that I gave my friend, and get all p.issy with me because I didn't have "my" letterhead on it. Uh...I don't have a photography business. Just because I took pictures for a friend, doesn't mean I do this for a living.