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    Default more soccer!

    Soccer season is trucking along and Loli and I are both improving a bit. Here are a few of my faves from this last weekend.

    All were taken at iso 100 in direct, harsh sunlight.

    1. f/5.6 ss=1/320 (love the tongue action here)

    2. f/5.6 ss=1/400 (maybe not an award winning photo, but I love watching him direct his defenders when he's in goal)

    3. f/5.6 ss=1/400 (check out that follow through)

    4. f/5.6 ss=1/160

    5. f/5.6 ss=1/160 (I know this one is slightly OOF for most of the picture, but I like the feel of motion it gives - what do you think?)

    As always, TFL guys!

    GiGi (one happy soccer mom)

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    1 is great. LOVE the tongue! Great capture!
    2- to me, it doesn't do much until you tell the story. I think you did a great job b/c you caught a moment that YOU like and that's what's important!
    3- wish it was a bit faster ss. I know harder than it looks!
    4- wish it was a bit further away, not such a close crop. That's odd of me to say that, but I want to see more of what's going on.
    5- love the action here too! You did a great job. Could you clone out that trash bag or gym bag though?
    Sadie- mommy to Ruthie & Randy
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    I always love your football photos!!! Thanks for sharing these

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    They don't look like they were in direct harsh sunlight at all.

    #1 is a cute shot, you can definately see his ease of concentration when dribbling the ball

    #2 Love his team spirit! Even cheering on his fellow players from the goal.

    #3 I wish was a bit more sharp. It just looks OOF to me.

    #4 Your son's expression looks like he's taking a stroll in the park. It's just the moment you caught, but it looks like he's putting forth little effort.

    #5 I see the motion you are portraying, but it's still a bit too OOF for my taste.

    Love seeing your shares of your fun and active life style!! I hope my daughter likes sports and gets out there as much as ya'll do.
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    These are great ones! It doesn't look sunny at all. I agree with Sadie's CC!

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