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    Default More of the Twins

    All cc appreciated. Baby girl (right) was a tad jaundiced I think, she's alot more yellow than her bro. TIA

    1. 1/200, f/4.5, ISO 500

    2.1/200, F/4.5, ISO 500

    3. 1/250, f/4.5, ISO 500

    4. 1/160, f/4.0 ISO 1000
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    I am loving these! you have some amazing captures!

    and I have to say, I love seeing your growth. I remember when you first started posting here, and you've come so far!
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    Here is my honest CC. Great job on these! The parents will be happy with these pictures!

    1. I know you said the girl was jaundice, but I would PP the yellowness of her skin a tad. The crop is not working for me. I wish I can see their full head.

    2. Very nice. I just wish the other foot was there, so there were four total. lol

    3. Face looks really soft and focus seem to have fallen on their feet. Great composition.

    4. The skin tone on the hand is different. Looks like the left hand is cooler than the right.
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    El has the cc covered, but I think you have done a great job and I agree, your growth has been amazing!
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    Thanks so much ladies. It's encouraging to know that others can see a change and not just me Appreciate the CC. On my desktop (where i edit), i thought i got most of the yellow out of baby girl but now on my laptop, she still looks yellow. I'm bummed about #3 b/c it is soft and i'm hoping i have another in that set that's sharper. Will go back and adjust these issues.

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    Great CC from El, not much to add. I do wish I could see the whole heads in #1, but OH MY GOSH!!! LOVE it! I love how the sister is touching her brothers face. These make me want to have another set of twins! I bet the parent's are beyond thrilled!

    #3, once you remove your watermark, I think there may be too much black to the left. But maybe not, it's hard to say with the watermark still there, and maybe that's why you cropped it that way so you had somewhere to put the watermark without it being over the babies.
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    Nothing to add, just know I think these are amazing! I think you did a wonderful job
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