mpix reprints?

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mpix reprints?

So I finally tried out mpix ... and two of the photos came back really dark, and one really yellow. I recalibrated my monitor to make sure it wasn't just me, and it's not. I held the prints up to the monitor and they're really off. I also had 4x6 prints done, but I wasn't as worried about them. I mean, they might be off, but I didn't submit them in my support ticket. It's the 8x10s that really bother me.

Anyhow, I'm just wondering if anyone else has had problems with prints from mpix. If so, were the reprints what you wanted? I just am wondering what to expect.

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Hmm that's really odd. The times I've used Mpix I've been really happy... at least nothing blaringly wrong with any of my prints.. I just prefer WHCC, but nothing like this has ever happened to me with mpix...

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Never had a problem with my MPIX prints. Color has always been spot on.

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They already replied and will immediately send out the reprints.

I thought it was just me but then I got one of them printed at Costco and the difference was glaring. The Costco version wasn't perfect, but at least it wasn't super dark. So that's when I started pulling the string to see what was up.

I hope this was a fluke thing ... I do need to check into WHCC, but thought I'd start with mpix.

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I got my first ever shipment from Mpix a couple of weeks ago, and the first thing out of my mouth was "wow--these are a lot darker than on my screen!" Maybe I need to make the switch to WHCC too.

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Never used MPIX before. That's odd.