My 1 year thread....finally :) (very pic heavy)

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My 1 year thread....finally :) (very pic heavy)

I got my DSLR last August. I am just going through the pictures I posted in flickr the past year. Smile Enjoy!

I'm going to my very first uploads. hmmm...these P&S shots go back to February 2008.

This is the picture that got me started on the whole photography thing. I still LOVE it though! It was taken with my P&S. I was walking home from the toy store. Lol

And I just wanted to take nice pictures of my daughter Smile I think I desaturated this picture in photoshop Lol

*sigh* horrible conversion and blown parts but I still like it because its my daughter. Smile but i use to think this b&w was awesome!

holy moly eyeballs! I don't know what I did here Lol I remember sitting in our old apartment in the bedroom where we got the most light in through the window and taking lots of pictures of my little girl on the bed. lol I had gotten my P&S for Christmas and loved it! I had discovered Manual mode and was always experimenting with it. I think I was also playing around with PS a lot too. and oh my gosh the pinlights Blum 3 haha!

i think the conversion is better. I think I was working on b&w a lot those days Lol

went to the beach one day in March. I was anxious to take pictures. I thought this picture was awesome! Smile I still like it of the little moment there. Still using my P&S here.

loved the trees and this conversion! pictures like these just made me want to take more pictures Smile

Finally we could go outside but we didn't have a yard yet. So it was quite boring being out there but I got a compliment on this picture and it made me want to go even further with photography! still using P&S here. I think my editing started improving too. Smile

Somewhere in between all of this, around April I think, I got very frustrated with myself. I couldn't do anymore with my P&S. And I also got angry because we had gone over to a friend of DH's house and they had just been given a canon xti for their birthday and they had it for a few months and all they were using it for was a very expensive P&S camera. That made me sad because I was dying to have one and here someone had one and were using Auto all the time. To THIS day they still use auto and their kit lens.

started taking pictures of the stuff i baked Lol using M mode on my P&S.

i loved my food shots Smile

watch out! I got my DSLR Finally! Biggrin wahoo! but .... ugh! underexposed ... not so great composition. Lol I'm sure I could edit it and make it look better now but I wasn't shooting in raw yet. But I did go straight to M mode. what a nightmare that was for me! lol

I figured it would be easier to practice on flowers. Smile

another one

and yet another one Lol
i think i burned the edges on this one

I started experimenting with RAW! Biggrin didn't take long lol I'm a very curious person. Smile

playing with b&w working on it some more.

oh the lighting...these were underexposed too.

was underexposed and look at the dappled light! ah! lol i thought these were awesome pictures though.

finally a b&w conversion I was proud of. not so sure about it now. i was going back and forth between RAW and just shooting in jpeg. Don't know why.

love the bokeh. Smile

i had just got my speed light! focus was off Sad

and i also got my 50mm 1.8 lens! Biggrin this was shot at 1.8 Lol sooc image too. no flash.

i love taking pictures of stuff that doesn't move Blum 3

i was practicing my speed light and i loved the catch lights! you can see me in his eyes! Smile was also working on b&w conversion because the colored one seemed off to me. i didn't know about skin tones at all!

awesome bokeh...yucky subject....don't look if you hate spiders! lol

I was using my speed light a lot because it gets darker here as it gets closer to winter. Took lots of pictures of my cats that winter. Smile here's just one of them. overexposed the background but photographing black cats is hard!

it was fall...leaves were falling and I was taking pictures. color is way off Blum 3

then we went to a nice park where there were leaves everywhere! we will be going back this fall. Smile holy moly i could not focus properly! almost all my pictures were OOF Sad


Fast forward a this shot! was experimenting with using a background but I can NOT find a sheet big enough to fit all of us! so annoying :-?

took some pictures of my son on the couch.

and then I think I took a break from taking pictures for awhile. My parents house had burned down and I was feeling very low for a long time. I think I still took pictures but none that I was proud of.

December came and I took a nice picture of one of my cats. speed light.

oh my gosh and many months of using my speed light inside. I took a few outside in the snow. But lets go to spring. Smile
around Easter! we went to the beach.

love her eyes! used natural light. It was finally brighter outside.

he was so chubby! .... didnt watch my background..oops Blum 3 natural light.

Did a lot of scrapbooking in between. Then went to the states and didn't really focus on anything but taking nice snapshots of my family. I was in a rut. or just taking a break. I'm not sure. but my brother wanted nice photos of himself so I tried. And i also wanted to take nice family photos and save us money by NOT going to some little studio. Smile

you've seen my family photos in another thread but here is one. oh yes and i'm finally satisfied with my watermark. lol cut off his fingers but that was in PS not in camera. oops Smile still have a lot to learn!

and of course i love this shot! Smile

and my most recent ones in my other thread.

I'd like to say I'm getting better but i'm not sure. I do see a difference though but I think I'm slowing down. I am getting to my goal slowly. I need to do some homework and read my books and practice. I might need to post more often at ILP or just hang out there more often. I don't know what I need to do to get better besides reading and practicing. I'm not sure. I love my most recent photos but I'm sure there are lots of things wrong with them. :-? I am proud of myself though. Smile I need to practice on friends and/or strangers too I think. Probably strangers since the couple friends I do have here if you want to call them friends at all, have said no to me. I gotta get out there. Build my confidence because right now I don't feel too confident in myself. Horrible I know. But I'm glad I'm getting somewhere even if it's at a turtle's pace. Blum 3 People are different and some learn faster than others. I'm not like that I guess. I wish I had the money and room for an indoor studio too. Perhaps someday. Anyway, thanks for looking if you made it this far. Smile


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there's lots of other photos in between but i didn't want to post too many. Smile

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Love these threads!

First off, I want to say you got some great shots even with your P&S. Mine are horrible.

Your son and my son have the same outfit and the same bouncy! I totally agree with black cats- hard!

Thanks so much for sharing! You have improved so much, and I know you will continue to!

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You have had a great journey Loida. Your talent really shows on your photos. I know how you strive for perfection and it definitely pays off. I can't wait to see what the up coming year will bring for you!

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Loida, love seeing the journey. Smile and you did pretty good work with the P&S. Smile

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Loida girl, you have grown! I love how you keep at it, take breaks when you need to, and just keep on sharing. You'll get there. Look at how far you've come! And we all love to see pics of your kids. :biglove:

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You have come so very very far. To be as good as you I'd probably give an arm or something Biggrin


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.... or how about just a thumb Cazz? Lol

thanks all Smile

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total lurker here these days but had to comment on this one.

First of all Cazz needs to give a foot or something because without an arm or even a thumb she's going to find it awfully hard to use her camera!

secondly- you've come a long way, I hope you can see the improvements you've made

and lastly- even your "bad" stuff is totally not! (okay there were some alien eyes and blown spots along the way Wink ) keep it up you're doing great!

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You definitely have some awesome shots here, even toward the beginning of your journey! You're definitely a natural at this!